About Sprague Pest Solutions

Who We Are

Sprague Pest Solutions delivers innovative pest solutions to clients throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Colorado and parts of Montana, Wyoming and Nevada. Our BrandSmart PestTM Prevention approach has been instrumental in establishing Sprague as the leading authority on pest prevention and the expert on new technologies specifically designed to meet the needs of home owners and businesses in multiple industries. Our efforts are concentrated on dramatically reducing the use of pesticides and employing environmentally sound methods of pest control, while delivering the most effective solutions. We are committed to preserving the natural ecology of our region and protecting the health and property of our clients.

A Leader In The Pest Control Industry

By capitalizing on the latest advances in pest control and by delivering consistent, reliable service, Sprague is positioned as an industry leader. Our highly trained teams take an "out of the box" approach to pest management and prevention and focus on providing our clients with exceptional service. Client satisfaction is our top priority and this is evidenced by our commitment to each and every account.

Delivering Quality Service To Our Clients

Sprague's success is a direct result of our investment in building strong teams. We actively recruit and retain quality individuals and then provide them with an extraordinary amount of training that far exceeds most expectations. This emphasis has enabled our organization to grow - doubling in size every four years - and we are only getting better. By engaging quality people in delivering quality service to our clients, Sprague has maintained steady growth and will continue to be successful.

Sprague Pest Solutions provides specialized commercial and residential pest control solutions. We proudly offer services to the following commercial industries:


Commercial and Industrial Grocery Stores Pharmaceuticals 
Educational Institutions Health Care Restaurants 
Food Processing Hotels and Resorts Retail
Foodservice Multi-family Housing

Warehousing and Distribution

In 1926, W.B. Sprague established this company and built the foundation from which the Treleven brothers now own and operate the organization. Sprague Pest Solutions provides services from nine regional service centers. As an active partner in internationally recognized Copesan, our services also extend throughout North America. Sprague's success stems from the extraordinarily high level of service we provide to our clients. As we enter new markets, our focus will continue to emphasize quality, personal attention to clients and highly trained employees.

Sprague Pest Solutions is a privately owned company. Corporate offices are located at 2725 Pacific Ave., Suite 200, Tacoma WA 98402. Office 253.272.4400. Toll Free (888) 522-2009. Fax 253.272.9676.

Sprague currently operates out of nine service centers in Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane, Kennewick, Portland, Eugene, Boise, Salt Lake City and Denver.