Our History

History of Sprague

Serving The Pacific Northwest and Intermountain Regions Since 1926

W.B. Sprague established this pest control company in 1926. The company provided pest solution services throughout the greater Pierce County area. Sprague, then as now, provided a very necessary service for the community protecting health and property.

In 1931, the company was purchased by A. H. Treleven Sr. and incorporated in the State of Washington. The economic conditions were poor as the nation struggled through the great depression. Sprague Pest Solutions was able to survive during this period because the services we provided were essential to our community and businesses.

A.H. Treleven Jr. joined the business in 1937. He eventually purchased his father's interest in the company. Today, sons Lawrence and Alfred H. Treleven III have taken over the operation and ownership of the company.

Over the years, many people have joined the Sprague Pest Solutions team. Each person has contributed ideas and added perspective to the company, strengthening our foundation. We continue to grow through the abilities of those who work at Sprague.

Our company now provides pest solutions throughout the Pacific Northwest from multiple service locations in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Utah. As an active partner in internationally recognized Copesan, our services also extend throughout North America. Sprague's success stems from the extraordinarily high level of service we provide to a variety of clients. As we enter new markets, our focus will continue to emphasize quality, personal attention to clients and highly trained employees.

The tradition established by those who founded this company will also endure. Respect for clients and fellow employees and unwavering dedication to delivering quality pest solutions carry us through challenging and prosperous economic times.