Service Philosophy

pest control technician inspecting a facility in denver co

Sprague Passionately Delivers Uncompromising Service

At Sprague, you'll find something different. To every service opportunity, we bring our values, beliefs, the strength of our vision and a commitment to our clients in Denver, Portland, Seattle, and throughout our service area.

Code of Ethics 

The Sprague team will act in an ethical manner at all times. We measure the success of our beliefs by our behavior.

Consistency   Everyone. Everywhere. Every time.

Accountability  Deliver what we have agreed to do. Take ownership of our actions.

Respect   Create an environment that allows us to realize our full potential.

Teamwork  Promote opportunities to accomplish more and do it better than we can on our own. Accept and give support with grace.

As a result, we will build trust, the engine that drives our ability to create long-term relationships.


Sprague is committed to:

  • Being the best service company, not just in our industry, in any industry.
  • Providing the most value to our clients at a fair price.
  • Identifying innovations that positively impact our environment.
  • Providing the best training and the best resources.
  • Knowing how to do the job right and ensuring our clients are satisfied.
  • Attracting and retaining people who positively contribute and share the Sprague Vision.
  • Preserving our culture.
  • Delivering leadership in service, innovation and quality.

Environmental Philosophy 

The Sprague Team will enhance our environment by developing and delivering pest solutions that work in harmony with the natural ecology while adding value to health and property.  Our actions will positively contribute to the communities we serve. What we do now will improve the quality of life today and tomorrow.

Learn more about our Environmental Philosophy by visiting the the Green, Organic & Environmental Philosophy page of this website.