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What is

This sophisticated and secured portal website is offered FREE to our clients. It provides convenient, online access to all your account information.

  • Access to Service Reports, Pest Finding Reports, Deficiencies, Recommendations and Trending
  • Recommendations 
  • Condition/Deficiency Tracking
  • MSDS and Labels
  • Diagrams (Interactive device maps)
  • E-mail Alerts for Pest Activity, Conditions
  • E-mailed copies of Invoices, Reports
  • Online Payment, Billing, Copies of Invoices
  • Multiple User Access

Reporting Flexibility offers robust reporting tools so you can make informed decisions about your pest management and prevention program. Detailed service data is recorded at time of service includes:

  • Pest Activity Noted
  • Area treated
  • Structural and sanitation conditions
  • Service Specialist recommendations
  • Material(s) used
  • Scheduled frequency of service
  • Quantity of materials(s) used
  • Time in and time out
  • Location(s) and technique(s) of application(s)
  • Missing/damaged/replaced rodent equipment
  • Target pest(s) treated

Recommendations and Condition/Deficiency Tracking

During service, your Sprague service technician will make recommendations to prevent pest activity. They will also identify conditions that are contributing or may contribute to pest activity. allows you to:

  • View the action plan for each sanitation, structural and pest related recommendation and deficiency.
  • Track the status of the action item as open or resolved.
  • Organize the issues by level of severity – high, medium or low.
  • Group by the owner responsible for having the issue corrected.
  • Add notes for your service technician that they will see on the next service visit.

MSDS and Labels Updated Automatically

Any time a material application is made, the correct MSDS and Label documents are automatically updated on your website. PDF files can easily be downloaded for any products used at your location(s).

Interactive Diagrams

Interactive device map diagrams direct you to areas of where pest activity is present. Select a date range and view devices based on activity levels. Click on the device for details.

E-mail Alerts sends e-mail alerts automatically based on your preferences. This feature is ideal for clients who want details sent to them or for clients who don’t want to log on to the website, but still want to receive the information. E-mail alerts can be sent for:

  • Completed Service Reports
  • Exceeded Pest Thresholds (set your own thresholds based on your tolerance level)
  • New Conditions/Deficiencies
  • Elevated Alert Status by Location
  • Periodic Summary

Online Payment & Billing Options

Apply credit card payments, view invoices, recent payments and your current statement all within

Multiple User Access

Establish specific access rights to an unlimited number of users through Grant access to the whole corporation, regions or individual locations. Specify different feature capabilities for different users.