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American Fork, Utah – 84003

What Pests Are a Problem in Utah

Like almost anywhere in the United States, Utah is home to many different species of insects and rodents, living their lives outside in their own habitats. It is when they start to intrude on our homes and businesses that they become more than just a creature, they become a pest. Some of the most common pests that business and homeowners in American Fork have to deal with are ants, mice, bed bugs, cockroaches, spiders, squirrels, and many more. These problem pests can sometimes just be a nuisance, while others can be very destructive; causing serious damage to you building’s structure and put you family, customers, and employees health at risk.

Want a Pest Free New Year? Here Are Some Tips To Help!

During the holiday season no one has the extra time to deal with unwanted pests that have invaded your home or business. At Sprague Pest Solutions, we have compiled a list of highly effective pest prevention tips that will help keep your home insect and rodent free!

  • Carefully inspect the exterior of your home or business, sealing cracks and holes around your foundation, wiring, piping, eaves, windows and doors

  • Keep kitchen areas clean and crumb free, making close attention to beneath appliances and make sure not to have dishes sit in the sink overnight

  • Place screen over vent holes

  • Repair or replace leaky faucets and piping

  • De-clutter pantries, cupboards, closets, attics and basements

  • Install heavy duty weather stripping on all exterior doors

  • Keep firewood stacked away from the side of your building and carefully inspect it for spiders before bringing it inside

  • Keep seasonal clothing and blankets in plastic storage containers

Our pest prevention and exclusion tips are sure to make your home or business less desirable to insect and rodents, making your life pest free for the New Year!

Sprague Offers Home and Business Pest Control In American Fork

Unfortunately, sometimes even with the best intentions and preventative measures put into place, pests still find their way indoors. At Sprague Pest Solutions, we offer quality and affordable American Fork home pest control and pest control for businesses in American Fork to protect your home and business from harmful insects and rodents. Our HomeGuard Pest Control Program and BrandSmart Protection Program are both eco-friendly pest control services that can be customized to fit your specific pest control need. This season, don’t let ants, spiders, mice, or any other troublesome pest cause you unneeded stress. Contact the experts at Sprague Pest Solutions and let us get rid of your pest infestation once and for all!

Other Services From the American Fork Pest Control Pros

At Sprague Pest Solutions, we not only protect your American Fork home and businesses with our effective environmentally friendly pest control services, we also offer a wide variety of pest control methods and treatments to get rid of any problem pest, no matter how severe the infestation may be. Our other pest control services include:

Let our professional exterminators help protect your property from insects, rodents, and birds. Contact our pest control pros in American Fork for more information on all our pest control services today!