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Home Pest Control In Bandon

Sprague Pest Solutions has been serving the Bandon area with the most complete residential and commercial pest control services for over 85 years. At Sprague we understand the importance in resolving pest problems as soon as they are detected and with our home pest control services we can customize year-round treatments with our HomeSmart Pest Prevention Program. Our HomeSmart program is designed to eliminate over 50 common household pests including:

  • Spiders

  • Earwigs

  • Ants

  • Mice

  • Carpet Beetles

  • Stinging Insects

  • Rats

  • Carpenter Ants

  • And Many More

Don’t put your family and pets at risk of diseases and damages pests can cause in your Bandon home, contact Sprague Pest Solutions to schedule an appointment today.

Bandon, OR Bed Bug Treatments

For the last decade bed bugs have been one of the toughest pest infestations to eliminate. These tiny, flat insects stay hidden during the daylight hours and only venture out in the darkness of night to feed on human and other mammal’s blood. While they are called bed bugs, they can be found nesting in other areas than mattresses and box springs. Bed bugs can be found behind baseboards, in carpeting, behind wall hangings, in crevasses of upholstered furniture, and in electronics. One of the best ways to get rid of bed bugs is early detection. Sprague offers Bed Bug Dog Inspections, a quick and effective way to detect the location of bed bug infestations within just minutes. Once bed bugs have been identified we will implement one of our bed bug treatments:

  • Bed Bug Heat Treatments

  • Bed Bug Conventional Treatments

  • Targeted Bed Bug Inspections

  • Preventative Treatments

  • Mattress and Box Spring Protective Covers

If you own a home or run a business and believe you might be suffering from a bed bug infestation, do not wait, contact Bandon exterminators today!

How To Rodent Proof Your Business

Mice, rats, and other rodents are common pests found in businesses in Bandon and throughout the Pacific Northwest. Rodents can cause serious damage and disease such as:

  • Spread of harmful bacteria through their urine and feces

  • Create fire hazards by chewing on electrical wires

  • Contaminate food, water, and product your business may carry

  • Cause serious damage to the structure of your building

Most importantly, rodents can drive away customers and even employees by all the trouble they can cause! These pests can tarnish and even possibly ruin your company’s reputation. There are easy steps you can take to help protect your business against rodents. Some helpful pest prevention tips include: sealing holes and cracks around windows, doors, piping, wiring, and along your foundation, never leave debris such as cardboard on loading docks, keep kitchen and other food prep areas clear of crumbs, and remembering to regularly clean beneath appliances. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, pests can still penetrate businesses and that’s when you definitely need the help of a pest professional! Sprague Pest Solutions offers effective, commercial rodent control services that can assist you in removing rodents from your business. For pest control services in Bandon that you can trust your business with, contact Sprague today!

Additional Pest Control Services In Bandon

Sprague Pest Control services offer some of the most advanced pest control services for Bandon business and homeowners. Additional services we provide include:

Residential Pest Control

  • Insect Control

  • Bed Bug Services

  • Rodent Control

  • Stored Product Pests

  • Bird Control

Commercial Pest Control

  • General Commercial Pest Control

  • Fly Control

  • Fumigation Services

  • Fumigation Alternatives

  • BioSolutions

  • Bird Control

  • Bed Bug Services

  • Insect Control

  • Green, Organic and Environmental Responsibility

  • Stored Product Pests

  • Sanitation Audits

Whether you are suffering from the harmful effects of pest birds, cockroaches, or mice, Sprague can help! If pests are robbing you are of your peace of mind, put a stop to their influence in your life and call on a Bandon exterminator right away!