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Commercial Pest Control Battle Ground WA

Sprague Pest Solutions has been providing eco-friendly, affordable and quality pest control management to businesses in Battle Ground for over 85 years. Whether your pest problem is small or large, ants or birds, Sprague can help eliminate the pests that cause you and your business frustration and embarassment.

Bed Bug Control Battle Ground WA

Bed bugs have come out after years of dormancy and are threatening the reputation of businesses throughout Washington including:

  • Hotels/Motels

  • Dormatories

  • Hospitals

  • Nursing homes

  • And many more

Bug bugs are small, reddish brown bugs that feed off human blood and cause a business owner much grief. They only move at night and hide during the day, leaving unpleasant bites upon waking, stains on linens and mattress, and skin casing on and around furniture. Here at Sprague Pest Solutions, we offer canine bed bug detection and bed bug heat treatments to help you confirm these elusive pests as well as eliminate bed bugs in your facility. Our bed bug dogs can sniff out your infestations accurately and quickly allowing our technicians to eliminate these blood sucking pests with our effective heat treatments, which are chemical free and can eliminate infestations in as little as one day. For more information about our Battle Ground bed bug services, please contact Sprague Pest Solutions today.

Commercial Pest Control Protection

BrandSmart Pest Prevention is an exclusive program offered by Sprague’s for commercial pest control. It will successfully identify and correct the factors that allow these insects and rodents to exist in your commercial facilities. We also offer other pest control services to businesses including:

To start protecting your company’s reputation, contact Sprague Pest Solution for the most effective commercial pest control in Battle Ground.

Battle Ground WA Bird Control Services

Insects and rodents are not the only pests that can ruin your company’s image, birds can too. Sprague offers bird control techniques that are effective at riding disease carrying birds from your facility. Our bird deterrents include netting, traps, springwire and landing deterrents that are nearly invisable to customer and employees. Contact Sprague Pest Solutions today for the most up-to-date pest bird control options available.