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Bothell Pest Control For Commercial Facilities 

There is very little worse for your company’s brand to be associated with pests like rats, roaches and bed bugs. The presence of these pests can have a negative effect on your customers and cause you to lose business, get bad publicity and depending on what type of pest you have, cause structural damage to your facility and destroy inventory.  If you have problems with pests in your commercial facility, don’t wait! Contact the Bothell exterminators at Sprague for quick and effective pest control solutions that will suit your industry’s needs. 

BrandSmart Pest Control For The Commercial Sector 

At Sprague, we know that your customers have high standards when it comes to pest management and they expect pest-free experiences from your business.  Because we understand this, we use our BrandSmart Pest approach in dealing with each organization that we service, allowing us to protect the health, property and reputations of commercial businesses in Bothell and throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions.  The BrandSmart Pest Advantage program delivers a powerful combination of benefits for commercial accounts, including: 

  • Pest Prevention

  • Brand Protection

  • Environmental Stewardship 

Our services go beyond Integrated Pest Management; we aren’t simply reacting to pest problems but are working proactively to keep pest problems from occurring.  Offered exclusively by Sprague Pest Solutions, the BrandSmart Pest program is a proactive strategy that modifies the factors that allow pests to thrive and prevents populations from developing to a point where they pose a threat to health and property. For more information on our BrandSmart Pest program, contact Sprague in Bothell today

Services Sprague Provides For Commercial Facilities 

If your Bothell business requires a good exterminator or is in need of preventative treatments, look no further than Sprague.  Our trained and certified pest control technicians can provide:

Commercial Pest control From The Experts At Sprague 

Since 1926, Sprague has been in the business of protecting schools, processing plants, commercial lodgings and other commercial facilities in Bothell, Seattle and throughout Washington.  We strive to provide our customers with the best pest control services available in our area by using methods and products that are effective and still kind to the environment.  Our response time is quick and we will supply you with effective methods of treatment that prevent your business from losing profits due to a pest problem.  If you have a problem with pest birds, bed bugs, rodents, roaches or flies, contact Sprague today for more information about what kind of solutions we can provide for your business.