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Commercial Pest Problems In Burlington WA

Pests in commercial facilities can pose a real problem for your everyday operations. When pests like cockroaches, rodents and other insects enter your facility, production can grind to a halt, reducing your efficiency and hurting your bottom line. Pests can also pose a hazard to your reputation and cause you to fail sanitation audits and lose certain designations that you need to effectively market your product. If you have pests inside your business and you’re not partnering with a pest management professional, you are wasting your time and leaving your facility open to even more pest problems. At Sprague Pest Solutions, our Burlington pest control professionals are ready to help you eliminate all pest problems you’ve encountered in your business and to assist you in preventing them from posing a problem to your facility in the future. Our highly qualified and experienced Burlington exterminators can help you with any pest problem you are struggling with; we will devise a suitable solution to your problem and carry out our services with exceptional professionalism and courtesy. If your commercial facility is in need of pest control, look no further than Sprague Pest Solutions in Burlington WA!

Keep Your Burlington Facility Free Of Pests with Pest Prevention Tips

Our knowledgeable professionals know that while pest control can be effective, half of the battle is keeping pests out in the first place. This pest control method is called exclusion and it can be done by modifying your environment to make it less attractive to invading pests like ants, roaches, rats, spiders and stink bugs. Our pest prevention tips include:

  • Store dumpster a distance away from the facility and make sure it is taken away every two days (and every day in warmer months). Do not let crates, cardboard boxes and other trash accumulate outside of the receptacle.

  • Remove outdoor lights around doors, or make sure they stay off. These lights can attract insects to your facility. If you must have lighting around doors, change the light bulbs out for sodium vapor lighting which attracts fewer insects.

  • Keep machinery cleaned regularly; schedule periodic deep cleans to make sure the machinery stays clean and in good shape.

  • Install a perimeter of large rock gravel around the facility to reduce the chances of rodents entering.

  • Store items off the ground both inside and outside the facility.

These simple pest preventative measures can help eliminate possible areas that may attract pests or that may be allowing them to enter. Unfortunately, these exclusion techniques are not fool-proof and pests can still enter your property despite implementing all these tips. If you are looking for pest control for your facility and you would like a progressive WA pest control company that offers a proactive approach, call our office at Sprague for more information on what our services can do for you!

Commercial Pest Control Services in Burlington

For our commercial customers, we offer an Integrated Pest Management approach to pest control in Burlington commercial facilities. This approach blends a myriad of pest control techniques that are appropriate for your specific industry, that are safe for the environment and effective against pest pressures. Our BrandSmart Pest ™ Advantage program will save your company from a tarnished reputation caused by a pest infestation. We know that pest control is an overwhelming undertaking, especially when you’re already dealing with the day to day demands of running your business. This is why we offer commercial pest control customized to your facility that delivers pest prevention, brand protection and environmental stewardship. We don’t just throw chemicals at your problem and leave; our pest control solutions are varied and thorough, looking to every possible control solution before utilizing materials to help control the problem. We communicate with you and your staff and will follow-up with our prevention methods to protect your company from future infestations. This integrated approach is eco-friendly and effective against pests; making your facility and the environment a better place to be. If your Burlington business is in need of commercial pest control that you can depend on, you can trust the professionals at Sprague Pest Solutions.

Burlington Pest Control Services For Bed Bugs, Rodents And More

In Burlington and throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions, we offer pest controls services that include:

We offer many different services for your commercial property but with every service, our goal remains the same: to preserve the natural ecology of our region and protect the health and property of our clients. Call us today for your first inspection in Burlington WA and see why we’ve been in business for over 87 years!