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Florence Exterminators Protect Against Pests In The Home

The Florence pest control pros at Sprague Pest Solutions know that homeownership has several facets, some of which require outside help.   Plumbing issues require a plumber, electrical issues require an electrician and for home pest control, you should contact an Oregon pest control expert.  Pests like ants, mice, spiders and roaches will enter homes while foraging for food and water, or because your home offers them a safe haven.  Once inside the house, pests can introduce diseases like salmonella, rabies and Hantavirus that can be very dangerous to you and your family.   Pests may also contaminate food sources, destroy personal property and even be very damaging to the structure, wires, pipes, insulation, drywall and other building materials.  At Sprague Pest Solutions we have the knowledge, experience and technology needed to ensure that your Florence home pest problems are eliminated and future issues are prevented.  Some of the services that our Florence OR exterminators provide include residential pest control, bed bug services and insect control services. 

Florence Pest Control For The Home

Our home pest control in Florence, Oregon is designed to effectively eliminate any of your pest problems, no matter how severe.  We understand that every home is different and requires a unique approach to pest management, which is why at Sprague we offer different pest control options including our HomeSmart Pest™ Prevention program, HomeSmart Pest™ Protection program and one time service. 

  • HomeSmart Pest™ Prevention program- An interior and exterior program, it targets specific threats (mice, rats, spiders, ants, stinging insects, pantry pests and occasional invaders) always keeping in mind your family’s safety.  Follow-up visits every other month are included in this comprehensive program and if a problem arises between visits one of our Florence pest control techs will come back to take care of the problem at no charge to you.

  • HomeSmart Pest™ Termite Protection program- This program protects your home from termites for as long as you maintain your termite protection with our Oregon pest control company.  It includes the installation and use of the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System and allows for faster bait delivery to effectively get rid of termites on your property.  In fact, it is the first line of defense against termites in your Oregon home.

  • One Time Pest Control Service- A more economical way to take care of an individual pest issue such as spiders, or ants, this one time service involves no preventative measures and will generally only provide temporary relief.

Residential Bed Bug Control In Florence OR

Bed bugs are a pest that can cause major stress to homeowners when they are accidentally brought into homes.  At Sprague, along with preventative treatments and targeted bed bug inspections we provide our customers with many other bed bug control services in Florence, OR like bed bug canine inspections.  This method of determining the presence of bed bugs or pinpointing the location of bed bugs is quick and over 90% effective.  Once an infestation is determined, we can treat using conventional treatment methods or by using thermal remediation to kill bed bugs and their eggs.  We also provide mattress and box spring protective covers to help eliminate the need to use pesticides on your mattresses and box springs and to keep bed bugs out of those items.  Contact us today to learn more about our Florence pest control for bed bugs!

Insect Control In Florence Oregon

Insects are pests that can very quickly invade and spread throughout your Florence home.  While most may just seem like a nuisance, some pests like wood destroying species can cause severe damage to your home.  In order to really eliminate an insect infestation completely, the services of a professional Florence pest control company are generally needed.   At Sprague Pest Solutions we provide insect control services that include:

  • An initial inspection.

  • A customized treatment plan to meet your unique needs.

  • Implementation of treatment plan which may include insect trapping, preventative applications of insecticides and if needed, the recommendation of an alternative treatment plan like fumigation.

Contact Sprague For All Of Your Florence Pest Control Needs

At Sprague Pest Solutions, our Florence exterminators solve pest problems quickly, effectively and economically.  We have been in the business since 1926 and understand what it takes to achieve and maintain a pest free home.  In addition to our residential pest control services, Sprague also offers commercial pest control in Oregon that includes but is not limited to:

If you have a pest problem or simply want to prevent insects and rodents from taking over your home, please contact us today to find out how our Florence pest control professionals can help!