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Gig Harbor Pest Control For Businesses

Since 1926, Sprague Pest Solutions has been supplying the quality, effective, affordable pest control services to business and home owners in Gig Harbor, Seattle, and throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Colorado and portions of Wyoming, Montana, and Nevada. We take great pride in offering the latest technologies and use eco-friendly methods and techniques to eliminate common commercial facility pests, such as ants, flies, mice, and cockroaches.

Why Do I Have Cockroaches In My Commercial Facility?

One of the most commonly found insects in both commercial and residential properties are cockroaches. These flat, broad insects can easily adapt to a variety of environments, favoring warmer indoor conditions, always on the hunt for food, water, and shelter. Cockroaches can often be found darting across floor and counters in commercial food facilities, attracted to leftover food, crumbs, or a dripping faucet.

Roach Prevention Tips For Business Owners

The professionals at Sprague Pest Solutions would like to offer a few helpful tips to prevent cockroaches and other common pests from causing serious health risks to your customers and employees.

  • Make sure food is always securely stored in sealed containers

  • Keep countertops clean and regularly sweep, vacuum, and mop kitchen floors

  • Repair or replace leaky faucets

  • Make sure sinks are empty and water free each night

  • Seal any holes or cracks around pipes, baseboards, windows, doors, and cabinets

Sometimes even with the best prevention, cockroaches still appear. If roaches are causing problems at your business, contact the experts at Sprague Pest Solutions in Gig Harbor today!

Commercial Pest Control For Gig Harbor WA

At Sprague Pest Solutions, we understand the importance to keep your commercial facility pest free, which is why we have developed our BrandSmart Pest™ Prevention program that includes our specialized Insect Control Program. Our Insect Control Services include:

  • Treatment Plans

  • Insect Trapping

  • Preventative Applications

Don’t let cockroaches ruin your company’s image and reputation, contact Sprague Pest Solutions and let us assist you in attaining and continuing to keep your business roach free!

Complete Pest Control Services From Sprague

Along with our Commercial Insect Control program, Sprague Pest Solutions also offers a wide variety of commercial and residential pest control services, including:

Rodent Control

Bed Bug Services

Fumigation Services

Bird Control


Fly Control

And Many More!

For more information on our insect control program or any of our customizable services, contact our Gig Harbor office today!