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Pest Problems In Commercial Facilities

Pest problems for business owners can have a negative impact on your company’s reputation in the community, damage inventory and your building, contaminate your product and even introduce diseases that can cause health issues for your customers and employees. The best way to prevent these problems from affecting your business is to maintain year round commercial pest control services. Working with a Gresham pest control provider will ensure that any current problems are safely and quickly eliminated, that changes are made around your facility to prevent future problems, and that continual control measures are taken to make sure that no matter what time of year it is your business will not be affected by pests.

Commercial Pest Control In Gresham OR

At Sprague Pest Solutions, we offer commercial pest control services in Gresham that are designed to protect your Oregon business from pests and your business’ reputation. Our pest management program works to proactively protect your business from pests along with eliminating the conditions that attract them to your property. Our trained technicians will identify and address pre-existing pest problems and then use our Integrated Pest Management program to fix the areas in and around your property that are attracting pests to it. Contact us today to learn more!

Gresham Pest Control Pros Offer Bed Bug Control For Businesses

Bed bugs are a pest that can negatively impact businesses and they are not just a problem for hotels, bed bugs can infest any type of business and cause problems for both employees and customers. To get rid of bed bugs, Sprague offer bed bug control services in Gresham that will eliminate your current infestation and then provide you with monitoring services to prevent a re-infestation from occurring. Our commercial bed bug management program includes:

  • Proactive bed bug inspections- A Sprague technician will provide inspections for each room in your facility two times per year.

  • Preventative treatments- These will not and cannot completely prevent infestations, but can help to prevent severe infestations.

  • Targeted bed bug inspections- An extremely thorough inspection in all areas of your facility especially where bed bugs are most likely to be found.

  • Bed bug treatments- We treat every area possible that could be hiding bed bugs, these areas include, box springs, upholstered furniture, behind electrical outlets, behind baseboards, and under carpets.

  • Bed bug heat treatments- We use thermal remediation to eliminate bed bugs from your facility. This method is extremely effective and very environmentally conscious.

  • Bed bug canine inspection program- Canine inspections for bed bugs is a very fast, highly accurate way to inspect your facility for bed bugs.

  • Mattress and box spring protective covers- This helps to prevent bed bugs from being able to become established in mattresses and box springs.

If you are concerned about bed bugs in your commercial facility or if you simply want to be proactive in the fight against bed bugs, contact the bed bug experts at Sprague.

Bird Control In Gresham Oregon

Birds are another type of pest that can cause a lot of problems for business owners in Gresham; they can damage your building, clog up your ventilation systems, spread diseases, and their droppings can cause serious slip and fall accidents. Sprague Pest Solutions has professionals that are specifically trained to control pest birds, our pest bird management services include:

  • Bird exclusion systems- site-engineered exclusion systems that are professionally installed and designed to be invisible against your buildings structure.

  • Bird exclusion techniques- providing you with long-term protection against birds and the damages that they can cause.

  • Maintenance for exclusion systems- makes sure that your systems are working properly, and that their integrity is maintained.

Learn more about our bird control in Gresham; please contact us today!

Proven Pest Solutions Since 1926

Sprague Pest Solutions is an Oregon pest control company that has been helping protect people, property and commercial reputations since 1926. Over the years, our pest management company has grown and we now service areas not only in Oregon but also Washington, Idaho, Montana and Utah. We will work closely with you and your staff to customize a plan for your business that ensures that your commercial property is kept pest free; helping to ensure your good reputation and long term growth. In addition to the commercial pest control services already mentioned, we also offer:

Contact us today to speak to one of our professionals for detailed information about any of our commercial pest control programs and see how we can work with you to help make sure that your Gresham facility stays pest free!

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