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Commercial Pest Control in Hailey

There are so many parts and pieces that go into making a successful business. Whether it’s a business you started from the ground up, one you’ve taken over or one you manage, something that should be on top of your list of priorities is pest control. While often small creatures, pest can make or break a business and in an single encounter tarnish a reputation that has been built over time. Sprague Pest Solutions knows how important your business is to you, we are after all, a family owned business since 1926. We work with businesses to come up with a plan to keep pests from dismantling all your hard work, whether its through preventative measures, environmentally friendly treatments, or taking care of an infestation quickly and discreetly. Learn more about commercial pest control in Hailey.

Hailey ID Bed Bug Treatments

Most people are not too keen on the idea of a bug crawling on you at night. When we go to sleep at night we want to feel cozy and warm, not crawled on. Bed bugs are known for doing just that. They mostly come out at night and while they are not known to transfer any disease to humans, they do bite and not only leave behind red, itchy bumps, but they can take away the peace of mind and your restful night’s sleep. At Sprague Pest Solutions, we not only offer preventative bed bugs treatments but perform targeted inspections. When that’s not enough, we also offer canine inspections. We were the first pest control company in the area to offer this kind of inspection. These dogs are trained to sniff out bed bugs in the fastest way possible. They help us to identify a problem and to pinpoint the location. Once a problem has been confirmed we offer conventional treatments as well as heat treatments to make sure bed bugs and their eggs will no longer keep you up at night.

Rodent Control in Hailey ID

Rodents can pose a hazard not only to your home, but to your health. Mice are known for chewing through electrical wires, causing appliances to fail or even spark a fire. They also bring with them fleas and the potential for dangerous diseases. Most people don’t realize that when cleaning up mouse or rat droppings, it’s important not only to wear gloves, but also a mask. Once these little critters have made a home in your house, it can be tough to get rid of them, and usually where there is one rodent, there are others. We offer rodent control in Hailey that is designed to protect your home and family and to keep these sneaky creatures out of your home and to get rid of them once and for if they’ve already found their way inside.

Comprehensive Pest Control From Sprague Pest Solutions

In addition to offering commercial pest management programs, we also help facilities by providing bird control, bioremediation services, sanitation audits and fly control to name a few of our services. We also protect families and homes with residential pest control in Hailey. Find out how we can help you; contact us today!