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Why choose Sprague?

At Sprague, we are dedicated and committed to meeting your pest control needs. We have families of our own, and we understand the need for comfort, peace, and security in your home. That’s why we are the leading pest control company in the Pacific Northwest. We are willing to be the ones who fight for your peace of mind, whether it be to maintain the reputation that your business has worked hard to build, or to make sure your home environment is comfortable and peaceful. If you are in need of residential or commercial pest control, contact Sprague Pest Solutions today.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Bed bugs are becoming an increasingly prevalent problem in Salt Lake City, Tacoma, and elsewhere throughout the Northwest. The best way to remove bed bugs is by the process of thermal heating. Not only is it the most effective way of treating bed bugs, it is also the greenest and most environmentally friendly method of taking care of these pests. Bed bugs not only hide and live in your beds, but they can also infest and breed anywhere in your home where they can find a good hiding spot. Whether it is in cracks in the walls or behind outlet covers, they can be found almost anywhere in your house. Call Sprague today for a free quote on bed bug heat treatments, and gain the freedom to live peacefully in your home.

Stored Product Pests

Stored product pests can infest any stored foods or goods, ruining the supplies that you have spent your hard earned money on for your family. They can also destroy your business’s reputation that you have spent so much time in crafting. At Sprague, we provide unmatched protection against pantry pests. Just a few of the pests that we provide protection against are:

  • Confused Flour Beetle - These are often found in flour and other grain products
  • Sawtooth Beetle - These pests prefer nuts, dog food, or chocolate
  • Indian Meal Moth - Most noticeable for the webbing they create in the products the infest. They prefer dried fruits, bird seed, grains, and nuts

These are only a few of the pests that may find their way into your storage area or facility. If you have seen signs that suggest an infestation, Sprague is the one to call.

Fungus Beetles

Fungus beetles are considered one of the most devastating pests of grain products. Where there is mold, there is the chance of fungus beetles. Fungus beetles are not the only insect that will infest molded areas, but unlike other arthropods, fungus beetles can live in dry conditions, making them more difficult to exterminate than others. One of the most effective ways of removing these pests is to dispose of the infested product, but in some situations, this is not a valid option. Contact Sprague to save your products from these pests.


BioSolutions is a bacteria-based solution that targets and removes organic wastes, such as grease, oil, fat, and other organic debris that may not decompose easily on their own. Organic waste can attract many different pests, such as flies, ants and cockroaches. By removing organic waste, we also remove potential breeding grounds for these pests. At Sprague, we offer an effective and environmentally friendly bioremediation treatment. Don’t allow pests to ruin your business’s reputation or make your home environment uncomfortable; get help by calling Sprague Pest Solutions today.