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Island Park ID Pest Control

Sprague Pest Solutions has been providing the most comprehensive pest control services to business and homeowners in Island Park, Boise, and throughout Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Utah, and Colorado. Since 1926, our team of professional, ID exterminators have eliminated insects, rodents, and pest birds and applied preventative treatments to keep problem pest from returning. If you live or work in the Island Park region and are in need of an exterminator, you can trust in the experts at Sprague Pest Solutions!

What Are Bed Bugs?

After lying dormant for nearly five decades, bed bugs are back and rapidly infesting homes and businesses in Island Park and throughout the United States. Bed bugs are small, flat, oval, light brown insects that hide during the day in mattress and box springs, in carpeting and under floorboards, in crevices of upholstered furniture, even behind outlets and in electronics. At night, bed bugs become active, searching to feed on human and other mammal blood. The bloodsucking parasites are proficient travelers, attaching themselves to luggage, purses, clothing, and people and can quickly build new colonies.

Signs Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are extremely hard to detect and identify, due to them only being active during the overnight hours. However, there are a few tell tale signs of bed bug activity to be aware of:

  • Itchy red welts on your skin, often in patterns of 3 or more bites

  • Shed bed bug skins

  • Tiny reddish brown spots on linens and mattresses

  • A sweet musty odor permeating a room that is similar to over-ripened raspberries

If you have noticed any of these signs, chances are you are suffering from a bed bug infestation. Act fast and contact Sprague Pest Solutions in Island Park and schedule an appointment and let the experts get rid of your bed bug problem today!

How To Inspect For Bed Bugs

If you are still unsure if bed bugs have invaded your home or business there are a few easy steps you can take to inspect for their nests. Check behind wall hangings and picture frames, carefully inspect the cracks and crevices of your mattress and upholster furniture, look behind outlets, headboard of you bed, and light switches. Don’t let the thought of bed bugs in your home or business cause you unneeded stress. Contact Sprague Pest Solutions and let us visit your property and provide a through inspection to identify and get rid of any bed bug infestation.

Bed Bug Control

At Sprague Pest Solutions we have developed our highly effective Bed Bug Control in Island Park to eliminate bed bugs fast and efficiently no matter how severe the infestation. Our bed bug treatment services include:

  • Preventative Treatments – A specialized treatment designed to keep current infestation from spreading to other areas of your home or business

  • Bed Bug Heat Treatments – Thermal remediation, our most effective and eco-friendly bed bug elimination treatment option

  • Targeted Bed Bug Inspections – An extremely thorough inspection, playing close attention and focus to areas of rooms where bed bugs are most likely found

  • Bed Bug Conventional Treatments – A thorough inspection and an application of treatment of areas including box springs, upholstered furniture, behind baseboards, under carpeting, behind outlets, and many other areas where bed bugs are normally found

  • Mattress and Box Spring Protective Covers – Our protective covers will not only protect bed bugs from infesting your mattress and box spring, but it will prevent them from re-infesting these common areas

Complete Pest Control Services By Sprague’s

Along with our highly effective Bed Bug Control services, Sprague Pest Solutions also offer a variety of commercial and residential pest control solutions to fit any pest control need. Our services include:

For more information on all our pest control services in Island Park area, contact us today!