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Commercial Pest Control In Issaquah WA - 98029

For unsurpassed commercial pest control in Issaquah, WA, look no further than Sprague Pest Solutions.  Our services are eco-friendly and affordable, no matter the size or type of infestation. We know how serious a pest problem can be in your business or commercial facility and how much it can impact your reputation; let Sprague eliminate the pests that cause you stress and frustration and your business embarrassment and lost customers; contact us today for commercial pest solutions to suit your Issaquah business. 

Bed Bug Solutions in Issaquah WA 

After many years of remaining dormant, bed bugs have returned and with a vengeance! These blood sucking pests aren’t picky and have infested many different businesses and facilities, including: 

Bed bugs are sneaky little parasites, hitchhiking on people and their belongings to find their next blood meal.  They are dark brown bugs, about the size of an apple seed and look for sleeping victims to feed on. They’ll leave little red bites on the skin and can stain your linens and mattress with their feces. Having them in your facility is absolutely unacceptable; one sighting of these pests should have you looking for bed bug control solutions immediately. At Sprague, we offer several different solutions for bed bug control in Issaquah businesses.

Bed Bug Canine Services And Bed Bug Heat Treatments

One of the best ways to locate a bed bug infestation is with canine bed bug detection and at Sprague Pest Solutions, we have our very own Bed Bug Canine Services to help you locate even the most difficult bed bug infestation. As you may already know, dogs have been used in many different ways, including sniffing out drugs, weapons and even people.  Our special canines have been trained to sniff out live bed bugs and their eggs and can do their job quickly, with very little disruption to your business. Should our dogs alert to live bed bugs, we can offer you specialized bug bug control options to suit your business’ specific needs.  Our solutions include bed bug heat treatments, which will eliminate the problem in your facility quickly, without the use of chemicals and with very little effort on your part. For more information on Issaquah, WA bed bug services, contact our trained bed bug control specialists at Sprague Pest Solutions today!

Issaquah Pest Control Services For Businesses

For commercial pest control, Sprague Pest Services offers BrandSmart™ Pest Prevention, which is an exclusive program that will successfully identify and correct the environments and factors that allows pests to thrive in your commercial facility.  We also offer many different Issaquah pest control services to businesses, including:

Protect your company’s reputation; contact Sprague Pest Solutions today for the most effective and budget friendly Issaquah pest control services available.