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Pest Control Kennewick Washington

Sprague Pest Solutions of Kennewick, Washington has proudly been offering quality commercial pest control services to Kennewick businesses and industries since 1926.  We regularly and reliably deliver effective pest control solutions and have worked hard to create and perfect eco-friendly practices and procedures that resolve insect, rodent and pest bird problems in all of Kennewick industries. 

Bed Bug Solutions Kennewick WA

Bed bugs are making a return throughout the country and right here in Kennewick after nearly 50 years of dormancy.  Bed bugs are small, oval, flat insects that are amazing hitchhikers and because of this they have the ability to spread to many facilities and thoroughly infest a property in no time.  In response to the growing bed bug problem here in Kennewick, Sprague Pest Solutions offers businesses effective bed bug relief.  Our bed bug programs are ideal for hotels, health care facilities, colleges, apartment buildings and other facilities and include:

If you are concerned that your business is experiencing a bed bug infestation or if you simply want to be proactive when it comes to bed bugs, Sprague’s can help.

Kennewick Pest Bird Control

Pigeons and other pest birds can be harmful to a company’s image and reputation.  Pest birds cause serious sanitation and health risks and are a potential threat to both employees and customers.  Birds carry disease spreading parasites, fleas and tick and their feces can also release spores that if inhaled, can cause serious, sometimes fatal diseases.  Also, bird feces can create slippery conditions on paved surfaces, which can lead to slips and falls and possible lawsuits for business owners.  Sprague’s uses the most effective bird control products including:

  • Traps

  • Springwire

  • Netting

  • Landing deterrents

Perfect for malls, office building, grocery stores and other commercial facilities, our commercial bird control programs are designed to rid your business of existing pest bird problems and prevent any birds from returning in the future.  Do not let pest birds destroy your image and property, driving away customers, contact us today; we can help.

BrandSmart Pest Prevention Kennewick Washington

The BrandSmart Pest Prevention Program was created by Sprague Pest Solutions so that businesses in Kennewick and throughout our service area don't have to worry about the pests commonly found within their industry.  This program was designed to eliminate pest-friendly conditions while remaining sensitive to the environment.  We specialize in commercial pest control that protects your brand and offers a safe, pest free environment for your employees and customers.   Other commercial services we provide at Sprague Pest Solutions include:

We offer commercial pest control services to a variety of businesses and industries including:

Sprague Pest Solutions is the ideal choice for commercial pest management in Kennewick, Washington.

Green Pest Control for Kennewick Businesses

Sprague Pest Solutions is leading the industry with eco-friendly pest control services that have changed the way we approach any pest infestation.  We regularly evaluate our programs to ensure that they are up to date with the newest green pest control techniques so that they continue to protect not only your employees and customers, but the environment as well.  When treating your property, we apply green pest control solutions using the least amount of pesticides, while remaining 100% effective against insect and rodent infestations.  Trust Sprague Pest Solutions for all of your commercial pest management needs.