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Lacey, Washington - 98503

Pest Problems In Commercial Facilities In Lacey WA

Having a pest problem in your Lacey commercial facility can have a negative effect on your customers and can easily cause you to lose business. Pest problems will not only result in bad publicity, but also can also weaken the structure of your facilities and destroy your inventory. Depending on what type of facility you operate there could be problems with rodents, cockroaches, flies, bed bugs, birds or other nuisance and potentially damaging insects.

Sprague Offers Commercial Pest Control In Lacey

At Sprague we use our BrandSmart Pest™ approach, which is an exclusive pest management and prevention program that protects your business from pest infestations. We focus on pest protection, brand protection and environmental stewardship. This program prevents pest populations from getting out of hand and causing damage to your property and health risks to you, your employees and your customers. We accomplish our goals all while using the most effective green pest solutions to minimize any environmental footprint. We want to work with you to ensure that any current pest problems are solved and to prevent any future ones from occurring.

Lacey Pest Control Services For Businesses

If your Lacey business is in need of commercial pest control, Sprague can help; whether it is for bird control, fly control or bed bug control we have a solution for you.

Bed Bug Solutions- Lacey along with all parts of the country is seeing an increase in bed bugs being found in apartments, hotels and other businesses.

Fly Control- Six methods of fly control

  • Sanitation

  • Insect light traps

  • Biological control

  • Baiting

  • Mechanical Traps

  • Target treatment areas

Nuisance bird control

  • Professional installation of site-engineered designs for bird exclusion

  • Near invisible solutions to preserve you building’s functional and aesthetic characteristics

  • Long-term protection against birds

  • Maintenance programs for you bird exclusion system

Trust The Experts In Commercial Pest Control

Sprague has been in the business of protecting schools, processing plants, hotels and other commercial operations in Lacey, Seattle and throughout Washington and the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions since 1926. We put a strong emphasis on providing our customers with the best possible pest control services while using methods and products that are kind to the environment. We respond quickly with effective methods to prevent your business from losing profits due to a pest problem. If you are having a pest issue with birds, bed bugs, flies or any other pest at your facility contact Sprague today to get more detailed information for a solution.