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Lynnwood, Washington - 98036

Lynnwood Pest Control For Commercial Facilities

For over 85 years, Sprague Pest Solutions has been working with Lynnwood business owners in achieving and maintaining pest free commercial facilities. Through the use of effective, affordable, and eco-friendly pest control services we get rid of ants, mice, roaches, bed bugs, and many other pests commonly found in WA businesses. Whether you own or manage a small Mom and Pop grocery store or a large chain facility, our exterminators in Lynnwood will resolve all your pest problems quick and efficiently.

Common Pest Found In Lynnwood Businesses And Dangers They Pose

There are a wide variety of insect, rodent, and bird species that can be found in and around commercial facilities in Lynnwood. Some are just a nuisance, while others pose serious health risks to your customers and employees. Roaches, flies, and other insects can arrive at your property in great numbers, easily contaminating food and water sources. Mice, rats and pest birds such as sparrows and pigeons not only contaminate food and water sources; they are carriers of potentially deadly diseases and can cause extensive damage to your building.

Pest Prevention Tips For Lynnwood Business Owners

Often with just one sighting an insect or rodent at your business your image and reputation can be tarnished or even ruined. At Sprague Pest Solutions, our expert pest specialist would like to offer some helpful pest prevention tips to keep pests out and away from your property.

  • Keep trash stored in securely sealed containers away from doors and windows

  • Have trees and shrubs trimmed back away from the side of your facility

  • Keep kitchen facilities crumb free, regularly cleaning floors, cupboards, appliances and countertops

  • Replace any window and door screens that may have holes or tears in them

  • Remove any debris such as sticks and downed tree branches from your property

  • Keep water features to a minimal, they attract pest birds and provide a place of breeding for mosquitoes

  • De-clutter closets, pantries, attics, basements, and other storage spaces

  • Repair any leaky faucets and pipes

By following these simple steps you will help protect your facility from unwanted pests.

BrandSmart Pest Prevention

There are times that even with the best pest prevention steps that have been taken bothersome ants, mice, roaches, pigeons, and other pests will find a way in and around your property. At Sprague Pest Solutions, we provide our exclusive BrandSmart Pest Prevention program, a customizable service that includes:

  • Pest Prevention

  • Brand Protection

  • Environmental Stewardship

We will not only get rid of current infestations, we also will put into place preventative treatments to make sure you do not have to deal with future infestations. If you are in need to pest control services for your Lynnwood business, contact Sprague Pest Solutions today!

Other Services From Sprague

Sprague not only offers some of the most advanced commercial pest control in Lynnwood, but we also supply services for any pest problem you may be facing in your home or business. Our other quality services include:

If you are looking for the very best in pest control in Lynnwood, look no further than Sprague Pest Solutions! Contact us today!