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Sprague Pest Solutions is a pest control company that has been helping the residents of Washington state, including right here in Marysville, to keep their homes and businesses pest free since 1926. Over the years the company has grown and we now service commercial properties not only in Washington but also Oregon, Idaho, parts of Montana, Wyoming and Utah. As business owners ourselves we understand how important your reputation is to the success of your business and that having pest issues can negatively impact your business’s reputation. This is why we will work closely with you to customize services for your business’s unique needs, develop customized programs and give technical recommendations to ensure that your commercial property is kept pest free. For more information on pest control in Marysville, give us a call today!

Why Commercial Pest Control?

Pest control for commercial facilities and even small businesses is very important for many different aspects of your business. Having pest problems in your facility can lead to damage to your building’s structure as well as problems with wiring and plumbing. Pests often introduce diseases to the places that they are invading, causing health concerns for you, your employees and customers. Pests may also contaminate and damage your inventory, causing you to have to throw profits right out the window. Also, it takes just one or two customers to see signs of pests in your business for word to spread around the community; this will give your business a bad image and damage the reputation that you have worked so hard to build.

Marysville Pest Control For Businesses

If you are in need of a Marysville exterminator for commercial pest control services for your business, Sprague can help with our BrandSmart Pest™ pest management program. This program works by combining services to ensure that your business is kept free from a variety of common pests. This program will work to proactively protect your business from pests and eliminate the conditions present in your facility that are attracting them to your property. We will also provide brand protection that will sustain the viability of your business and foster a long-term business partnership and the highest quality protection against pests. Our trained technicians will come to your facility and address and control pre-existing pest problems and then use our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program to fix the areas in and around your property that are attracting pests to it. This process allows us to use the minimal amount of pesticides necessary for more eco-friendly pest control.

Other specialized services that we provide to our business customers include:

Simply contact Sprague Pest Solutions today to learn more about our commercial pest control programs available in Marysville, WA.

Providing Pest Control To Many Industries

Sprague Pest Solutions has the knowledge, technology and ability to service a variety of commercial industries. No matter how big or small the company, or what type of business you have, you can be sure that Sprague can solve and prevent pest issues for you. Industries that we service include:

  • Commercial and Industrial Properties

  • Educational Institutions

  • Food Processing

  • Foodservice

  • Grocery Stores

  • Health Care

  • Hotels and Resorts

  • Multi-family Housing

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Restaurants

  • Retail

  • Warehousing and Distribution

For more information on pest control for your specific industry, contact us today!

Pest Proof Your Marysville Facility

In addition to getting professional help for your Marysville pest control needs, there are things as a business owner you can do around your property to help prevent pests. If you eliminate food, water and shelter sources, pests will not choose your property to invade. Pest prevention tips include:

  1. Removing trash and other debris from your facility on a regular basis.

  2. Not keeping bay and garage doors open for long periods of time.

  3. Trimming back trees and other landscaping from the exterior of your building.

  4. Sealing crevices in your building’s foundation.

  5. Caulking gaps around exterior windows and doors.

  6. Food in kitchen areas should be kept in sealed containers.

  7. Inspect packages and other deliveries for signs of insects and other pests.

Keep in mind that sometimes despite your efforts to create a pest free facility, they still find a way in. If this is the case, don’t hesitate; contact Sprague right away to come to the rescue!

Additional Pest Control Services

Sprague Pest Solutions is committed to providing you with the highest quality services that are available in the industry. Along with the above mentioned services, other commercial pest control services that we provide our customer include:

We also understand how important keeping your home pest free is to you and your family and therefore also offer the following residential pest control services:

  • Home pest control services

  • Bed bug services

  • Bird control

  • Insect control

  • Rodent control

  • Stored product pests

Contact us today to speak to one of our experts and find out why Sprague Pest Solutions is the right choice to keep your Marysville, WA business or home free of pests and their damages!