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Residential And Commercial Pest Control For Medford OR

For 85 years, Sprague Pest Solutions has been providing quality and effective pest control for homes and businesses in the Pacific Northwest.   Sprague offers protection for many different pests, including:

If you have a pest problem in Medford, Oregon, or any of the surrounding areas, call Sprague Pest Solutions to find out what we can do to help you.

Medford OR Pest Bird Control

The feral pigeon is one of the most common birds in America.  Unfortunately, they cause large, unsightly messes.  Many people have been injured because of slipping on bird droppings, and their waste is known to spread many different diseases and bacteria.  Sprague Pest Solutions offers protection from pest birds using the most effective and humane methods available, including landing deterrents, springwire, netting, and traps.  No birds are injured in the process, and the products are nearly invisible, leaving your building’s aesthetic characteristics intact.  If you have a problem with pigeons, or any other nuisance bird, in the Medford area, contact Sprague Pest Solutions today.

Cockroach Control In Medford

Cockroaches can be extremely damaging to a business’ reputation.  Even just a few cockroach sightings can give your company the reputation of being run down and dirty.  Sprague offers cockroach control for nearly every industry, including:

Whether you live in Medford, or elsewhere in Oregon, Sprague is the solution for all of your pest control problems.

Fumigation Services In Oregon

Sprague Pest Solutions is your local Oregon expert in fumigation services and fumigation alternatives.  We offer Profume, Vikane, and Eco2 fumigations.  Many clients choose one of our highly effective fumigation alternatives, such as mass trappings, heat treatments, or vacuum treatments. These services are available to customers throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Contact Sprague today for more information.

Medford Sanitation Audits

Poor sanitation can lead to infestations of many different pests.  Sprague offers customized sanitation audits for customers who want to improve the quality of the products they offer to their consumers.  Our programs include consultative meetings, on-site inspections, highly detailed reporting, and customized personnel training.  For more information on Sprague’s sanitation audits, contact us today.