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Pest Control Moscow Idaho

Sprague Pest Solutions of Moscow, Idaho offers quality commercial pest control services to both business and industries throughout Idaho. Established in 1926, we take great satisfaction in providing our effective and eco-friendly pest management solutions to industries such as the health care, food service, and educational institutions. If you have a commercial facility that is suffering from insect, pest bird or rodent infestations, do not hesitate to contact the professionals of Sprague Pest Solutions today!

Moscow Pest Bird Solutions

Bird infestations can not only be bothersome, but can also present serious health and sanitation risks to both your customers and employees. Pigeons and other pest birds can carry fleas, ticks, and other disease spreading parasites. Their feces can often release hazardous spores that, if inhaled, can cause serious, sometimes even fatal diseases. For the most effective pest bird control, Sprague Pest Solutions uses multiple methods, including:

  • Netting

  • Traps

  • Springwire

  • Landing Deterrents

Our commercial bird control programs are designed to rid your business of existing pest bird problems, as well as prevent future occurrences of pest birds returning. These programs are ideal for office buildings, shopping centers, and other commercial facilities. Don’t let pigeons and other pest birds harm your reputation and drive away your customers. Contact Sprague Pest Solutions today, we can help.

Bed Bug Heat Treatments in Moscow ID

After being dormant for nearly 50 years, bed bugs are back and rapidly infesting commercial facilities around Idaho and across the United States. In response to the dramatic rise in bed bug problems, Sprague Pest Solutions supplies highly effective bed bug control services that are perfect for businesses with high turnover rates. We can help your hotel, health care facilities, apartments, and many other commercial facilities that are experiencing a bed bug problem. Ourbed bug treatment methods include:

If you believe your company is experiencing a bed bug infestation or if you prefer to be proactive in prevention of bed bugs, partner with Sprague and together we can keep your facility bug free.

BrandSmart Pest Prevention Moscow Idaho

You can trust Sprague Pest Solutions to be a reliable and unsurpassed commercial pest control in Moscow and throughout our service area. We are confident that our BrandSmart Pest Prevention Program will take care of any and all pest problems that may be common to your industry or facility. This program is designed to eliminate conditions that are favorable to pests, while remaining sensitive to the environment. Let us protect your brand and provide a safe and pest free environment for you and your customers to enjoy. Other solutions that Sprague’s offers are:

Ideal for a majority of commercial markets and industries, Sprague Pest Solutions is the perfect choice for all commercial pest management in Moscow, Idaho.

Green Pest Control in Moscow ID

At Sprague Pest Solutions, we are dedicated to bring our customers the most up-to-date, eco-friendly solutions and techniques. As pest control professionals, we are committed to eliminating pest infestations and we are proactive with pest prevention. We are continuously reviewing out procedures to ensure that we provide you with the best pest control that not only protects your business, employees, and customers, but continues to protect our environment. For efficient and professional commercial pest control, contact Sprague today.