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Oak Harbor Pest Management

Established in 1926 by W.B Sprague, Sprague Pest Solutions provides services for nine regional centers including locations in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, and parts of Montana, Wyoming and Nevada. Our “out of the box” approach to pest control, by utilizing our environmentally friendly BrandSmart Pest Prevention program, has established us as a leader in the industry. Our highly trained Oak Harbor pest control professionals make client satisfaction a top priority so, if cockroaches, rodents, or bed bugs are becoming problematic in your home or business, please contact us today!

Protect Your Oak Harbor Business

One sighting of a mouse at your gourmet restaurant, or a cockroach scurrying away from kitchen at your bed and breakfast, is enough to frighten your patrons away for good. At Sprague Pest Solutions we understand how important image and reputation are for your business, and how easily pests can rob you of this. That is why we employ the BrandSmart Pest program which includes the following advantages:

  • Proactive elimination of pest friendly conditions before they become a problem.

  • Techniques that minimize our footprint on the environment by utilizing green alternatives to pest control.

  • And more!

Allow one of our commercial pest control experts to help you run a more efficient and pest free business today by contacting our Oak Harbor pest control team.

Common Industries Serviced By Sprague

At Sprague, we take pest control in Oak Harbor very seriously, and believe that our success is a result of building strong teams that deliver excellent service to our customers. By recruiting quality individuals and training them beyond industry expectations, we have witnessed constant growth in our business. By continuing to expand, we are able to offer services to the following industries:

  • Commercial and Industrial

  • Educational Institutions

  • Grocery stores

  • Healthcare

  • Hotels and resorts

  • Restaurants

  • Retail

  • And many more!

For more information on the many industries that we serve, please contact one of our professionals at Sprague today!

Rodent Control For Your Facility

By utilizing Integrated Pest Prevention strategies, Sprague is able to strategically target commensal rodents (mice and rats) rapidly and effectively before damage is done to your property. Our rodent control program starts with a meticulous inspection for rat and mouse activity, (such as droppings and damage to your facility). If evidence of activity is found, the professionals at Sprague will seal rodent entry points and use rodent control devices such as bait stations and glue boards to significantly reduce the chance of a future infestation.

For more information about our rodent control program, please contact Sprague today!

Additional Services In Oak Harbor

At Sprague, we understand the influence that pests can have on your environment. As well as the multitude of problems that can arise while trying to contend with them. That is why the professionals at Sprague offer various solutions to your pest complications, such as:

For more information about our numerous pest control solutions, please contact Sprague today!