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Sprague Pest Solutions Can Protect Your Olympia Business

For over 85 years, Sprague Pest Solutions has been providing effective, affordable commercial pest control for the businesses of Olympia and all of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Utah.  Our commercial pest control is specifically designed to address insect and rodent issues commonly found in commercial facilities as well as prevent future infestations from occurring.  If you are a business owner in Olympia, WA, partner with Sprague Pest Solutions to keep your facilities pest free and your brand protected.

Pest Control Solutions For Olympia Businesses

With Sprague Pest Solutions and our BrandSmart Pest Prevention Program, you can be sure that your commercial facility will be pest free all year long.  This commercial pest control program will not only resolve the pest issues you are currently facing, it will address the pest-friendly conditions that encouraged pest activity in the first place.  Along with our BrandSmart program, we offer a number of different pest control services including:

Since 1926, we have successfully helped a variety of different businesses and industries throughout Olympia, Washington, including:

With over 85 years in the commercial pest management industry, Sprague Pest Solution is ready to protect your Olympia, WA business from the damaging effects of insects and rodents.  Please contact us today for more information.  

Get Rid Of Pigeons And Other Pest Birds With Sprague

Pigeons and other pest birds are one of the toughest pest issues to deal with.  Nesting or roosting birds are not only unsightly, but they create sanitation issues for business owners and managers all throughout Olympia.  Sprague Pest Solutions offers effective commercial bird control that will help any business get rid of pest birds.  Our bird control services include:

  • Site-engineered designs for the most effective bird exclusion

  • Professional installation by trained experts in bird solutions

  • Nearly invisible solutions that keep your building’s functional and aesthetic characteristics

  • Advanced bird exclusion techniques with the most effective, long-term protection against birds

  • Maintenance programs

If you are a business owner or manager of an office building, mall, hospital, library or hotel and pest birds are driving away your customers, contact Sprague Pest Solutions today, we are ready to help you with all of your nuisance bird issues.  

Olympia Bed Bug Treatments

For hotels, motels, hospitals and other commercial facilities, an infestation of bed bugs can be one of the most devastating things to affect your bottom line.  At Sprague Pest Solutions, we realize how damaging these nocturnal insects can be and we also realize they are not going away any time soon, which is why we offer highly effective, commercial bed bug solutions sure to get rid of bed bugs including:

  • Bed Bug Treatments

  • Proactive Bed Bug Inspections

  • Mattress and Box Spring Protective Covers

  • Client Learning Programs

If bed bugs are taking over your Olympia, Washington business, don’t wait and contact the professional bed bug exterminators of Sprague Pest Solutions.  No matter how big or small your facility is, we are ready to help you with your toughest bed bug infestation, contact us today.