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Park City, Utah - 84060

Why Choose Sprague?

With over 85 years of experience in the pest control industry, Sprague offers the people of Park City, UT, and surrounding areas unmatched, and unquestionably superior, pest control and pest prevention services. We are devoted to removing any pests that have been infesting your homes or businesses. We have families of our own, and we understand and see the need to have peace and comfort in your homes. We also understand the need for commercial facilities to be free of pests and protect their brand. Call Sprague today to find out how we can provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are pest free.

Spider Control In Park City UT

Is your home being infested with spiders? These pests, though not as damaging as cockroaches or other insects, can be very frightening and make you and your family feel insecure. Sprague offers extremely effective spider control for homes in Park City. Some of our spider control methods include:

  • Sticky traps and pheromone traps

  • Prevention Applications

  • Tri-Annual Spider Treatment Plan

If you are having a problem with spider or insects in your Park City home or business, contact Sprague Pest Solutions today.

Park City Fumigations And Alternatives

At Sprague, we are your local fumigation experts. Fumigations are ideal for pest infestations in grains, seed, and processed foods. In our ongoing efforts to be environmentally friendly, we now also offer green fumigation alternatives. Some of these alternative fumigation methods include:

  • Heat treatments

  • Mass Trapping

  • C02 & Phosphine

For more information on fumigation or environmentally friendly fumigation alternatives available in Park City, Utah, contact Sprague today.

Park City UT Rat Control

Rats can be a very troublesome and difficult pest to deal with. They will infest your home or business and contaminate any food products they come into contact with. Rats are well known for spreading many different diseases, and also pose serious fire hazards when they chew on electrical wires. Our effective rat treatment plan will begin with a thorough inspection of your facility, and from there we will customize a treatment plan specifically for your situation. Contact Sprague today for a free quote on rat control.

Green Pest Control In Utah

At Sprague, we are not only devoted and pledged to exterminating and removing any unwanted pests, but we also are committed to protecting the environment and doing all that we can to make the world a safer and healthier place to live. We do this by substituting harmful exterminating solutions with more environmentally friendly alternatives. For example, instead of using gases or harmful chemicals to remove certain insects, such as bed bugs, we offer a more effective and eco-friendly heat treatment. The insects are killed simply by raising the heat of the room past their tolerance level. For more information about the green pest control options available in Park City, contact Sprague today.