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Local Portland Pest Control Experts Since 1926

Ever since beginnings in 1926, Sprague Pest Solutions has been the top name in commercial pest control in the Portland, Oregon area. We pride ourselves on being the best in the business and offering the most effective pest control, along with making sure our methods remain as environmentally friendly as possible. Insects, wildlife, bed bugs; all are pests common to local businesses and are also pests that we have experience dealing with. Also, our practices work for nearly every commercial facility from hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and schools, just to name a few.

Portland Bird Control

A pest invasion of a commercial building can be extremely detrimental to the business, resulting in possible damage, lack of sanitation, and harm to the company’s reputation. Birds in particular are a very common pest to local businesses including pigeons, sparrows and others. The mess that they can create is not only disgusting and unsightly, but can be so unsanitary as to pose a potential health hazard to both your employees and patrons. Thankfully, we offer state of the art bird control in Portland including:

  • Landing deterrents

  • Springwire

  • Netting

  • Traps

These techniques and procedures are designed to not only get rid of any existing problem, but to deter issues with pest birds from arising in the future. Don’t waste any time, get a jump on pigeon control now; contact Sprague Pest Solutions.

Bed Bug Treatments Portland OR

One of the fastest rising pest problems in Portland, as well as the whole U.S. is bed bugs. Because we understand how these pests work, we offer the very best in bed bug treatments. The solutions that we offer are suitable for a wide variety of businesses such as hotels, hospitals, schools and homes. Some of the bed bug control solutions at Sprague are as follows:

Whether your company is experiencing a bed bug infestation or you simply want to be proactive in combating bed bugs, we can help.

Commercial Pest Control Portland OR

We offer a full selection of commercial pest control services for your business in Portland, OR. Businesses such as hotels, hospitals, food processing plants and restaurants are all happy customers we have serviced for years. With our patented BrandSmart PestTM Prevention Program we guarantee top notch pest prevention services that are both extremely effective and also environmentally conscious. Among the many services we offer the commercial sector, here are a few of the services in Portland, OR:

Green Pest Control Portland Oregon

At Sprague we are committed to making the world a better place and take pride in offering businesses in Portland green pest control for their facilities. With a focus on proactive pest prevention, we have revolutionized the way we approach pest infestations and are constantly reviewing our procedures to ensure that we deliver pest control that not only protects your facility but also protects our environment. Contact Sprague for more information on green pest control in Portland.