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Provo Pest Control

Sprague Pest Solutions has been providing quality pest control since 1926. We understand that not every business and industry has the same pest control needs, which is why we offer the most comprehensive pest control for Provo, Utah. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with the most reliable and effective pest control, this is why we are constantly striving for perfection in all our eco-friendly practices and techniques. Our pest control services resolve all insect and rodent problems, as well as pest bird problems for all of Provo, Ogden, Sun Valley and Salt Lake City, Utah areas.

Commercial Pest Control Provo, UT

At Sprague Pest Solutions we realize the importance of providing your customers and employees with a pest free environment. We realize more than anyone else just how much damage an unwanted insect or rodent in your business can cause to your reputation. This is why at Sprague we offer our highly effective BrandSmart Pest Prevention Program. This program was especially developed to prevent any habitat that pests could thrive in while remaining sensitive to the environment. With our experience and effective techniques, trust Sprague Pest Solutions to protect your brand. At Sprague, we offer a variety of commercial services including but not limited to:

If you’re looking for quality pest management in Provo, Utah then Sprague Pest Solutions is the ideal choice!

Fly Control in Provo Utah

Many people think that flies are a problem without a solution and that there is no way to get rid of these nuisances. This however, is not the case at all. At Sprague Pest Solutions our experts will work with you and your staff in implementing a fly control program that will be sure to rid of your fly problem! These little winged creatures are not to be taken lightly, flies are more than a mere nuisance, they also carry bacteria and disease organisms. They can quickly contaminate your food or any other wholesome surroundings. With Sprague Pest Solutions we take this matter to heart. We realize how quickly even one sighting of little pests like these can have your best customers running for the door. That’s why we have developed a six step program to help you, including:

  • Sanitation

  • Insect Light Traps

  • Biological Control

  • Baiting

  • Mechanical Traps

  • Target Treatment Areas

The experts at Sprague are able to effectively rid your fly problem while always using the most eco-friendly techniques. If you have a big fly infestation or want to prevent one, don’t hesitate to contact Sprague Pest Solutions today!

Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Provo Utah

Bed Bugs have been on the rise and spreading like wildfire across the U.S. The sobering fact is that bed bugs can travel anywhere, and they are becoming a growing problem, especially for commercial facilities. The reason they are so easily to obtain is because of their unique ability to travel on luggage and even clothing. Once you have bed bugs they can quickly become a big problem. First off they are very difficult to find, and they only come out at night to feed on their prey. Once you are infested with bed bugs they are nearly impossible to get rid of. However, there is hope. At Sprague Pest Solutions we offer a number of different and highly effective bed bug solutions including:

Don’t face this intimidating hurdle alone; let the experts at Sprague help you succeed in ridding your business of these unwanted guests. We pride ourselves in using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques that will positively bring you successful results. If you need help with a bed bug problem or would like to take preventive measures, contact Sprague Pest Solutions today.

Bird Control in Provo Utah

Many people enjoy observing different species of birds, however, what many people do not realize is they can be a real danger to our health. Pest birds such as pigeons can carry diseases and cause severe sanitation issues. In addition to this, their droppings can create slippery conditions to parking lots and side-walks. At Sprague Pest Solutions we offer several different commercial bird control options to get rid of pest birds from your business including:

  • Netting

  • Traps

  • Springwire

  • Landing Deterrents

If your Provo business has a current pest bird problem, or you would like to inquire about the services we offer, please contact Sprague Pest Solutions today.