Salt Lake City Pest Control Services

Pest Control Salt Lake City, Utah – 84101

Since 1926, Sprague Pest Solutions has been offering quality commercial pest control services to the businesses of Salt Lake City, Utah and throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions.  We pride ourselves on delivering the most eco-friendly commercial pest control in Salt Lake City for insects, rodents and pest bird problems.  Our highly effective pest control services are the perfect solution for restaurants, hotels, and food processing facilities as well as Salt Lake City’s entire commercial sector.

Salt Lake City Bird Control

Pigeons and other pest birds can be very harmful to your company’s image and reputation.  They cause sanitation issues that can be harmful to the safety of your customers and employees.  At Sprague Pest Solutions, we utilize the latest technology in bird control products including:

  • Traps

  • Netting

  • Landing deterrents

  • Springwire

Our commercial bird control is effective at protecting your company’s appearance and reputation and is ideal for a variety of commercial properties including:

  • Hospitals and nursing homes

  • Apartment complexes

  • Malls

  • Grocery stores

At Sprague’s, our trained technicians will develop a plan to help you rid your Salt Lake City business of pest birds and keep it bird free in the future.  To protect your company’s reputation, contact Sprague Pest Solutions today.

Bed Bug Heat Treatments Salt Lake City UT

Bed bugs are back and biting with a vengeance all throughout the United States and right here in Salt Lake City.  At Sprague Pest Solutions we realize how these blood sucking insects can negatively affect a company’s reputation and even shut down operations indefinitely, and that is why we designed a program that offers businesses in Salt Lake City complete relief from bed bugs.  This program is ideal for hotels, hospitals, movie theaters and many other commercial facilities and includes:

  • Proactive Bed Bug Inspection Services

  • Preventative Treatments

  • Targeted Inspections for Bed Bug Activity

  • Bed Bug Treatments

  • Bed Bug Heat Treatments

  • Mattress and Box Spring Protective Covers

  • Client Learning Programs

If you are concerned that you may already have a bed bug problem or simply would like to take a proactive approach to bed bug infestations, call Sprague Pest Solutions today!  Our k-9 bed bug dog June and her trainer are ready to sniff out bed bug problems where you live or work in the Salt Lake City area.  

BrandSmart Pest Prevention Salt Lake City Utah

Sprague Pest Solutions has created a program so that businesses in Salt Lake City and throughout our service area can proactively eliminate pest friendly environments while remaining sensitive to the environment.  The BrandSmart Pest Prevention Program helps protect your image and brand and offers a pest free atmosphere for your employees and customers.  Other pest control services we offer are:

We are the ideal choice for pest management in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, colleges and other commercial markets.  For all of your commercial pest control needs in Salt Lake City, call Sprague Pest Solutions.

Eco-Friendly Pest Solutions for Salt Lake City Businesses

Sprague Pest Solutions is an industry leader in eco-friendly pest control services that have revolutionized the way we approach any pest infestation.  We constantly re-evaluate our programs to ensure our green pest control services protect not only your employees and customers, but the environment as well.  When treating your facilities we apply green pest control solutions using a minimal amount of pesticides, while remaining 100% effective against insect and rodent infestations.  Trust Sprague Pest Solutions for all of your commercial pest management needs.