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Commercial Pest Control Seattle WA

Sprague Pest Solutions of Seattle, Washington is proud to offer quality commercial pest control for Seattle businesses and industries and have been doing so since 1926.  We consistently deliver highly effective solutions and have worked hard to develop and perfect eco-friendly practices and procedures that resolve insect, rodent and pest bird problems.  

Seattle Pest Bird Solutions

The presence of pigeons and other pest birds are not only harmful to company’s image, they often cause sanitation issues that are very difficult to defend against and are a threat to both employees and customers.  At Sprague Pest Solutions we use the latest, most effective bird control products including;

  • Landing deterrents

  • Springwire

  • Netting

  • Traps

Let us protect your company’s appearance and reputation with highly effective commercial bird control.  Our pest bird solutions are ideal for a variety of commercial facilities in Seattle including;

  • Apartment buildings

  • Malls

  • Grocery stores

  • Health care facilities 

At Sprague’s we’ll help you rid your business of pest birds and assist you in developing a plan that will help your company remain bird free in the future.   Do not let pest birds to damage your Seattle property, contact Sprague Pest Solutions today.

Bed Bug Heat Treatments Seattle WA

Bed bugs are making a strong comeback throughout the country and right here in Seattle.  In response to the growing bed bug problem in Seattle, Sprague Pest Solutions offers businesses complete bed bug relief.  Ideal for hotels, health care facilities and other facilities our commercial bed bug services include;

If you are concerned that your business is experiencing bed bugs or simply want to be proactive when it comes to bed bugs, Sprague can help. 

BrandSmart Pest Prevention Seattle Washington

Sprague Pest Solutions created the BrandSmart Pest Prevention Program so that businesses in Seattle, Portland, Boise and throughout our service area do have to worry about the pest pressures associated with their industry.  Designed to proactively eliminate pest-friendly conditions while remaining sensitive to the environment, our commercial pest control protects your brand and offers a pest free environment for your employees and customers.   Other services we provide at Sprague's include;

Offering pest control for restaurants, hotels, food and beverage processing plants, hospitals and other commercial markets; Sprague Pest Solutions is the ideal choice for commercial pest management in Seattle Washington.

Green Pest Control For Seattle Businesses

Sprague Pest Solutions takes pride in their industry leading, eco-friendly pest control programs that have revolutionized the way we approach pest infestations.  We are constantly re-evaluating our programs to assure that our green pest control procedures not only protect your business from pest infestation but also protect our environment as well.  While treating an infected area we apply environmentally responsible solutions to control the infestation using a minimal amount of materials to help protect the environment as well as your employees and customers.  For all of your commercial pest control needs, contact Sprague Pest Solutions today!