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Sherwood, Oregon – 97140

Sanitation Issues Can Lead To Serious Pest Infestations In Oregon

Making sure that your commercial facility is kept pest free is a big task but one that is very important for the health and safety of your employees, customers and for the reputation of your business.  Many pest issues that occur in commercial environments happen because of issues with sanitation.  When managing a building you should not only think of sanitation as eliminating bacteria and other microbes, but also removing and reducing environmental conditions that allow larger pests to survive as well.  Businesses located in the Sherwood, Oregon are susceptible to infestations of mice, rats, flies, roaches, stored product pests amongst others. 

How Improved Sanitation Efforts Can Help Prevent Pest Problems

Ensuring that your facility is clean and free of clutter as well as food and water sources is the ideal way to prevent insects and rodents from taking over your facility.  Improved sanitation efforts will eliminate the food, water and shelter mice and other pests need in order to survive.  Sanitation tips include:

  • Do not allow boxes, crates and other trash to accumulate outside of dumpsters.

  • Repair any leaky pipes or appliances; eliminate any standing water and correct areas that are prone to moisture.

  • Organize storage areas and other rooms prone to clutter.

Taking these simple steps can greatly reduce the chance that your Sherwood, Oregon facility will experience a large pest infestation.  Click here for more tips on sanitation from the Oregon pest control professionals!

Commercial Pest Control In Sherwood OR

Operating and managing a large commercial facility is a big job, at Sprague Pest Solutions we can help by taking the burden of pest control off of your shoulders.  At Sprague we have been helping the companies in Sherwood, Portland and throughout Oregon keep their properties pest free since 1926.  Our commercial pest control program allows us to give our customers the newest technologies that will work the best for their unique business and pest problem.  Our quality services include:

Contact Sprague today for more information on any of our Sherwood pest control services, we will be happy to assist you with improving the sanitation of your Oregon commercial facility.