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Pest Control Silverdale WA

Sprague Pest Solutions has been proudly serving the Silverdale region with the most comprehensive residential and commercial pest control services since 1926. Sprague provides Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Colorado, and portions of Wyoming, Nevada, and Montana with quality pest control services that will get rid of cockroaches, mice, ants, bed bugs or any other common pests. If you home and business is suffering from a pest infestation, contact the professionals at Sprague Pest Solutions in Silverdale today!

What Are Bed Bugs?

After being dormant for nearly 50 years, bed bugs have made a dramatic resurgence in homes and businesses, quickly building colonies in carpeting and under floorboards, in mattresses and box springs, in cracks and crevices of upholstered furniture, and behind wall-mounted paintings, outlets, and even in electronics. Bed bugs are small, oval, flattened, nocturnal insects that feed on blood. Although they will feed on any mammal, humans are by far their favorite choice.  Adult bed bugs are usually light brown to reddish brown in color, ranging from 4-5mm in length and use pheromones to communicate nesting location, feeding, and reproduction.

Signs Of Bed Bugs In Commercial Facilities

Since bed bugs only come out at night, they can be very hard to identify and detect. However, there are a few telltale signs that your commercial facility is being infested by bed bugs:

  • Tiny reddish brown spots on linens and mattresses

  • Cast bed bug skins

  • Small itchy red welts on your skin

  • A sweet musty odor saturating a room

If your hotel, apartment complex, university dorm, retail store, hospital, or even movie theater is experiencing a bed bug infestation, do not hesitate; contact Sprague Pest Solutions to schedule an appointment today!

Bed Bug Dog Inspections

The human eye can visually detect bed bug activity, but a dog can detect bed bugs in the smallest cracks and crevices. Sprague’s K9 bed bug inspection team is highly trained to detect bed bugs as well as bed bug eggs through a thorough, accurate inspection of infested areas. In less than 2-3 minutes, our bed bug K9 inspection team will do a complete, thorough inspection of the room, giving close attention to:

  • Carpet edges and baseboards (especially near beds)

  • Sofa and chairs used for sleeping or long periods of rest

  • Behind bed headboards

  • Mattresses, box springs, and bed frames

  • Nightstands; including lamps, clocks, telephones, etc

For more information on our highly effective K9 bed bug scent detection services, contact our office in Silverdale today.

Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Once bed bugs have been detected, the experts at Sprague Pest Solutions recommends our bed bug heat treatment plan. This service is designed to kill bed bugs in all life stages, including adults, nymphs, and eggs, with just one treatment. Our bed bug heat treatment plan is a non-chemical, non-toxic approach that will even penetrate in wall cavities, making sure to kill bed bugs, no matter where they are hiding. Along with our bed bug heat treatments, Sprague also offers:

Whether a bed bug infestation is causing you unneeded stress or you just want to be proactive on preventing future bed bug problems, you can count on the professionals at Sprague Pest Solutions for all your bed bug treatment needs.

Complete Pest Control Services By Sprague Pest Solutions

Sprague Pest Solutions not only provides effective bed bug treatment services, we also offer a variety of other residential and commercial pest control services, including:

For all your pest control needs, contact Sprague Pest Solutions in Silverdale, WA today!