Springville, Utah 84663

Springville, Utah – 84663

Why Choose Sprague?

Sprague has been providing quality and effective pest control services to its customers in the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions since 1926. We have been providing our clients, both residential and commercial, with unmatched performance in removing many different  types of pests that ruin the comfort and security of your home or business. Sprague is devoted to serving you in dealing with your pest control needs.

Residential Pest Control

For over 85 years, Sprague has provided efficient and top of the line pest control services that have been proven to deal with your pest infestation problems. Sprague provides protection from over 50 pests, including:

  • Spiders

  • Bed Bugs

  • Ants

  • Earwigs

  • Wasps

  • Mice

If you have a problem with any of these, or other pests in your Springville, Utah home, contact Sprague Pest Solutions today!

Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Bed bugs continue to be a growing problem in Springville, Salt Lake City, and throughout Utah.  You can pick up bed bugs anywhere from a taxi cab, an airplane, or even the movie theater. However, if you do discover bed bugs in your home, don't panic; Sprague can help!  We offer a wide variety of bed bug services for Springville residents.  Our Bed Bug Heat Treatments are proven to kill bed bugs in all stages of their life cycle, from egg to adult.  If you think you may have a bed bug problem, don't wait until it gets out of control; contact Sprague Pest Solutions today!

Commercial Fly Control

Is your business being affected by a fly infestation problem? Flies can get into your food or garbage, and can ruin your business’ reputation. Flies are known to carry many different diseases, and may contaminate your food through their feces, or by regurgitating the contents of their stomach.  There are many different ways Sprague deals with your fly problem, such as:

  • Insect light traps

  • Biological control

  • Mechanical traps

  • Baiting

  • Target treatment areas

  • Sanitation

If flies are hurting the reputation of your Springville, UT business, call Sprague Pest Solutions today for a free quote.

Fumigation/Fumigation Alternatives

Sprague Pest Solutions is the local expert when it comes to fumigation and fumigation alternatives.  Our highly trained expert teams are ready to address any of your fumigation needs. Fumigation is a very successful method of dealing with pest problems in:

  • Grains

  • Seed

  • Pet food

  • Non-food commodities

  • Processed Food

We also offer fumigation alternatives in our ongoing attempt to be eco-friendly.  Some of the fumigation alternatives that we offer include mass trappings, vacuum treatments, and heat treatments.  Contact Sprague today for a free quote on fumigation services for your Springville business.