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Since 1926, Sprague Pest Solutions has been proud to service Tacoma, Washington businesses and industries with highly effective and affordable commercial pest control. At Sprague, we have worked hard to design eco-friendly practices and methods that resolve even the toughest insect, rodent and pest bird infestations. If you are searching for a commercial pest control company you can trust in, look no further than Sprague Pest Solutions.

Commercial Pest Control In Tacoma WA

With Sprague’s BrandSmart Pest Prevention Program we have developed the ideal solutions for pest problems in businesses in Tacoma and throughout our service area. The BrandSmart program was designed to effectively eliminate pest-friendly conditions while remaining sensitive to the environment. Our commercial pest control programs protect your brand and offer a pest free facility for your employees and customers. Other services available from Sprague include:

We have successfully helped a variety of businesses in the commercial industry get rid of pests including schools, healthcare facilities, restaurants, hotels, and many more. For all of your commercial pest control needs in Tacoma, choose the professionals at Sprague Pest Solutions.

Tacoma WA Pest Bird Solutions

Do you have pigeons and other nuisance birds nesting and roosting on your building? These pest birds are not only harmful to company’s image and reputation, but they often cause unsanitary conditions that are very difficult to guard against and can cause serious health issues. Pest birds are a threat to both employees and customers which is why Sprague offers the following bird control methods:

  • Netting

  • Landing Deterrents

  • Springwire

  • Traps

Let us help to protect your company’s appearance and reputation with highly effective commercial bird control. Our pest bird solutions are ideal for a variety of commercial facilities including apartment complexes, grocery stores, health care facilities, multi-housing units, office buildings, and retail stores. At Sprague, we will help you rid your business of nuisance birds and develop a plan that will help your company remain bird free in the future. Do not let pest birds damage your Tacoma property or put your customers and employees at risk, contact Sprague Pest Solutions today.

Bed Bug Treatments Tacoma WA

Bed bugs are back and rapidly infesting businesses throughout the country as well as right here in Tacoma. Bed bugs are blood sucking parasites and can easily attach themselves to clothing, luggage, used furniture and even people, making them expert travelers that can adapt to new environments. In response to the growing bed bug problem in Tacoma, Sprague Pest Solutions offers businesses total bed bug relief. Our bed bug services are ideal for hotels, health care facilities and many other commercial properties. Our commercial bed bug services include:

If customers or employees have found bed bug skins, dried blood spots on linens, itchy red welts on their skin, or have noticed a sweet musty odor similar to over-ripened raspberries, do not wait, contact Sprague Pest Solutions and schedule an appointment with our bed bug professionals today.

Green Pest Control In Tacoma

Sprague Pest Solutions has revolutionized the way we approach pest infestations. We take great pride in our industry leading, eco-friendly pest control programs that have effectively eliminated businesses of unwanted insects, rodent and pest bird infestations, using the least amount of pesticide while still being effective. Our green pest control approach ensures that not only the environment is taken into consideration, but your customers and employees as well. We are constantly evaluating our programs to make sure we are using the most up-to-date, environmentally responsible procedures and techniques. For all of your commercial pest control management needs, contact Sprague Pest Solutions today!