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Pest Control Services In Vancouver WA

Dating all the way back to 1926, Sprague has been providing the people of Vancouver, WA, with effective and reliable pest control solutions. We pride ourselves in our exterminating system, because we know it works. We have families and employees of our own, and we know how important it is to maintain a healthy environment for your families to live in and a productive environment for your employees to work in. Contact us today to remove any unwanted pests from your home or commercial facility.

Bed Bug Heat Treatments In Vancouver Washington

There are many bed bug extermination methods to choose from, but the most effective and most environmentally friendly method available is the heat treatments. Bed bug heat treatments, unlike many other methods, will kill both adult bed bugs and their eggs. Heat treatments also can exterminate bed bugs in places where other methods cannot, such as cracks in the walls and other hard to reach places, making it the most plausible option of extermination. It also eliminates the use of chemicals and sprays, making it much more environmentally friendly than conventional methods. If you are having trouble with bed bugs in your hotel, hospital, or other commercial facility, contact Sprague Pest Solutions today.

Vancouver WA Canine Bed Bug Inspections

Dogs are quickly becoming known as the most accurate bed bug inspectors available. Due to their keen since of smell, dogs make canine bed bug inspections a much more effective way to detect an infestation of bed bugs. Trained pest management personnel can only detect bed bug signs that are visible to the human eye, whereas bed bug dogs can detect bed bugs by scent. Bed bugs give off a very faint scent that is not detectable by the human nose, but dogs have no problem picking it up. Contact us today if you suspect a bed bug infestation. Our canine bed bug inspection team, in most cases, can be there within 24 hours of your request.

Fumigation Services In Washington

Here at Sprague, we offer top of the line fumigation services. These services are provided for:

  • Flour mills

  • Grain Storage Facilities

  • Shipping Containers

  • RailCars

  • Warehouse and Processing Facilities

  • Seed Facilities

  • And More

There are five components to fumigation success; sealing, dosage, monitoring, temperature, and aeration. If these five components are properly met, fumigation can be a very effective way of treating processed food, grains, seed, and pet food. Contact us today for more information.

Bird Control

Birds, though pleasant at times, can be a harmful nuisance. They can get into things, such as attics or sheds, and their feces can cause damage and early deterioration. They may also get into whatever you have stored nearby, such as stored food products and supplies, and will eat and contaminate the products. Birds have also been known to carry diseases that can be passed on to your family members and employees. Don’t take chances by using store bought pest control products. Call us today to have these pests professionally removed.