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Since 1926, Sprague Pest Solutions has been providing affordable and quality pest control services to businesses in Warrenton and throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Colorado and portions of Montana, Nevada and Wyoming.  At Sprague, we employ highly skilled and educated pest control experts that are regularly trained on the latest pest control techniques and methods.  Our technicians know how to effectively get rid of bed bugs, termites, ants, mice and many more pests through eco-friendly pest control treatments.  If your Warrenton business is infested with problem insects or rodents, you can count on the professionals at Sprague Pest Solutions to resolve all your pest issues quickly and efficiently. 

Why Are Bed Bugs Bad For Your Business?

As a pest once thought to be nearly extinct, bed bug populations have recently re-emerged, infesting homes and businesses throughout Warrenton as well as the entire United States.  These small, flat, reddish brown insects are proficient travelers that can easily attach themselves to luggage, purses, used furniture and even humans, making them able to build new colonies in a variety of locations in a short amount of time.  While the name of these insects makes you think they are only found in beds, that is not the case.  Bed bugs can be found anywhere humans are.  They feed on human and other mammal's blood during the nighttime hours and go back into hiding during the day.  Since bed bugs are found in areas where many human frequent, some of the top businesses that can be susceptible to bed bugs are hotels, movie theaters, hospitals, apartment complexes, retail stores and even public transportation.  Once the word gets out that there are bed bugs at your business, people will start to avoid your facilities and this can cause severe damage to your business’ image and reputation

Bed Bug Detection

At Sprague Pest Solutions, we understand the importance of detecting, identifying and eliminating bed bugs as soon as possible, which is why we offer our highly effective Bed Bug Detection Dog services.  Our dogs have undergone extensive training and can discreetly detect bed bugs and bed bug eggs within just a few minutes; finding them hidden in cracks and crevices.  If you are unsure if you may be suffering from a bed bug infestation, signs of bed bugs include:

  • Dried blood spots on bed linens and mattresses

  • Itchy red welts on your skin

  • Shed bed bug skins

  • A sweet musty odor saturating a room 

If you have noticed any of these signs of bed bug activity, contact Sprague Pest Solutions in Warrenton and schedule an appointment with our exterminators today! 

Warrenton Bed Bug Control

Once our bed bug dogs have identified the presence of bed bugs in your business, our expert bed bug exterminators will come to your facility and apply our effective bed bug treatments to get rid of your current infestation.  With our eco-friendly bed bug heat treatment services we will successfully eliminate bed bugs in all life stages, even bed bugs that may be hidden deep within wall voids.  This one day treatment will make sure we are in and out quickly, keeping the disturbance to your business to a minimum.  Whether you are currently suffering from a bed bug infestation or you just want to be proactive in keeping them from being introduced to your facility, Sprague Pest Solutions’s Warrenton bed bug control services are here to help achieve and maintain a bed bug free environment. 

Other Warrenton Pest Control Services From Sprague

If bed bugs are not your problem, but some other pest is, Sprague Pest Solutions can still help!  We offer a variety of pest control services, including:

For the very best in pest control services, contact Sprague Pest Solutions in Warrenton today!