Copesan recently announced that Sprague Information Technology Director, Ari Rogoway, has been named Copesan's 2007 Operations Champion of the Year! Please join us in congratulating him.

The Copesan "Operations Champion of the Year" award is designed to honor the hard work and dedication of the many Operations people who are a critical part of the Copesan organization.

These include Quality Assurance, Training, RapidTrax� Support, RapidTrax� Project Champion, and Technical personnel.

Ari is involved with RapidTrax in a number of ways. He is project leader, troubleshooter, cheerleader and chief go-to person for all things related to RapidTrax at Sprague. He is responsible for the marriage between RapidTrax and our PestPac system, the care and feeding of all the hardware and software and manages the help desk technical support for our field team. Ari connects our clients to the RT website and as subject matter expert, he also handles RT training. You might say that say Ari = RapidTrax, but that would discount all the other IT projects he spearheads.

Ari's commitment to the success of RapidTrax extends beyond Sprague as evidenced by his willingness to work closely with Copesan and other Copesan Partners to figure out mutual challenges. We also know he spends time helping partners with solutions that don't directly benefit Sprague. Ari is unselfish, a natural helper and genuinely strives to make those around him successful. He has been a leading force in making changes to the program for the betterment of the Copesan network and its clients

Very quickly after joining the Sprague team, Ari succeeded in earning the respect and support of co-workers and with his contagious postive attitude, rallied our team to push forward through the challenges of RapidTrax. He has encouraged a positive team spirit and converted stubborn people into RT advocates. Ari is all about asking questions and figuring out solutions and this perfect combination has helped him make huge progress with RapidTrax.

Why Ari Rogoway IS the Champion in 500 Words or Less

Since Ari's arrival at Sprague, he has been an integral part of RapidTrax, its implementation and all of Sprague's internet and computer services. He came after many of the decisions regarding the system had been made and immediately began thinking about how to make it better. He pushed for regular meetings with IT personnel of other Copesan Partners, asked for deadline, and continually has been thinking of ways to improve RapidTrax both in processes as well as speed. He pushed to move the development of RapidTrax to Marathon Data Systems because that is their expertise and has begged to anyone who will listen for the formation of an IT Committee of Copesan Partners to meet on a regular basis. He always has the interest of the organization, Copesan or Sprague, at the center of his thoughts.

Ari pushed Sprague as well, kicking and screaming, into completion of the implementation of RapidTrax. Already behind when he started, he learned the program quickly, found technicians within Sprague that could help him train others and set goals and deadlines for himself and the company. The entire time he has been driving this forward and working to accomplish his own goals as well as Sprague's, he has been thinking about how to make it better and knowing that our senior team would not be happy if Sprague was not done on time. Ari's goals and deadlines are often moved for him as he waits on others, but despite the frustration, he retains his focus and continues to push forward.

Ari took initiative to establish regular meetings with Sprague's Senior Team to develop the implementation beyond simply having a PDA in each technician's hands and just getting Copesan work completed. He saw the value in having all of our Sprague services done on RapidTrax and knew that this would help us to deliver service more consistently for our national accounts. This was a monumental undertaking that came with a price for him. Ari was always on call - early in the morning and late at night to help the technicians work with the PDAs. While Ari is naturally a very high energy, low patience person, he has supported our service team with patience, composure and compassion. He repeatedly sets aside his personal ambitions to be sure that our technicians' technology needs are met, that they can get their job done and that they feel supported.

Ari always has a smile and a quick wit to make the most difficult of situations relaxing and fun. He presents ideas and then always has a quick come back if someone doesn't understand what he wants. His nature is to challenge any rule and think of ways to improve it and he has with the development of RapidTrax.

Co-worker Testimonials

I'm thrilled that you are going to nominate Ari. Ari responds to our needs here at the branch whether he is at Corporate, at a meeting out of town, or at home. If we don't reach him by phone we send email and he responds in a prompt fashion. He is good at controlling his temper since some of our techs can be quite vocal when things don't go well. If he can't fix it remotely he will work on it at our place or his. I have only been here a little less than 2 years but the progress that has been made is phenomenal. I have worked at other employers during computer conversions and I know how difficult it can be. All we need to do is tell Ari and he does everything within his power to make it happen.

Verda Washington, Client Service Representative, Tacoma Service Center

From the day Ari walked through doors of Sprague, he was responsive to all questions, and problems that any of the Technicians, or office staff had with RT. He has a way of putting people at ease, which helps so much when learning a new program. As most of our technicians didn't have the experience with this type of electronic equipment I feel Ari really got our team up and running on RT because he is so supportive, and knowledgeable.

Billie Gee, Client Service Representative, Tacoma Service Center

Ari is a key player for my office. At 4am, on the weekends, or late at night, Ari is there to help us troubleshoot our imperfect system. He has helped me streamline routes, hold my office staff and technicians more accountable, and cause our company to think differently. Ari is one of our best assets to this Sprague team.

Ross Treleven, Manager, Seattle Service Center

Ari has, in my opinion and the opinion of other people at the Spokane office, gone above and beyond his call of duty. It doesn't matter how early in the morning or how late in the evening you call him he is ready and willing to help get you back up and running with your equipment. (He has even helped a number of us with our personal computer problems) Even with some of our more seasoned and stubborn technicians he has shown exceptional patience and composure to ensure that they understand the system and are able to work with it. He has worked very hard to gather information and integrate the feedback into the system. We think he is a shoe in for the award!

Thom Steiger, Operations Manager, Spokane Service Center

Ari, since the day he arrived at Sprague in March 2006, has made a HUGE difference in our IT Department. He started behind with knowledge of the Sprague system and RapidTrax and all of its changes, but just dug in and started changing things.

He always has a smile, is always there to help someone and is always there with his hand out wanting to spend money for something - a new server, more PDA's and their accessories, a new computer, laptop, you name it. But the changes have been great. You know when you have a problem, he can fix it or will find out how.

The techs love him because he always treats them with respect, listens to their problems and helps them no matter what time it is. The CSR's and managers know they can get help and it is the right help.

He has pushed and shoved not only Sprague, but Copesan to improve the RapidTrax system. This is his nature - if you are going to do something do it right. He is like the Energizer bunny - going and going and going. He is always making it better.

Joann Carlsen, Controller

I believe Ari is an excellent candidate for Copesan's Champion award. He has worked constantly since he arrived at Sprague to make RapidTrax a reality, fielding questions from everyone in the company, sometimes several at a time. He is always available and always has either an answer or looks into the problem and then gets back to you. In addition, he is always in a good mood -- sometimes taking time to share a joke or he just calls to see how everything is going. He makes you feel like your questions really matter to him. I don't know how we got along before Ari.

Jan Davenport, Client Service Representative, Kennewick Service Center

I believe Ari should be Copesan Champion of the year. When he came to Sprague, he was very quick to jump in, help us in the field when needed and get this thing rolling. Best of all is his ability to communicate complicated technical stuff in a way that even us hicks from the sticks can understand.

Ari has been and continues to be instrumental in helping to bring about new ideas and changes. Ari works very hard and is dedicated to making the new Pest Pac version work for all of us in Sprague land and all Copesan Partners. I don't even want to think about how far behind our competition we would be if not for Ari.

Jared Wallace, Manager, Kennewick Service Center

Ari is a thinker with energy, commitment, a passion for learning, a fantastic sense of humor and a sincere desire to help Sprague and Copesan reach our highest potential. I respect him for his willingness to dive head first into a snarl of a mess and wrestle with the details until he finds a solution. I also admire the caring way he helps others and makes them feel valued. He holds everyone to high standards, believes in accountability and has surfaced as a real leader at Sprague and in the Copesan network. Many people throughout Copesan have benefited from his curiosity and drive to find smarter ways of doing business. On top of all this, Ari is a blast to work with and I can't think of another person more deserving of the honor of Copesan's Operations Champion award.

Carrie Thibodeaux, Director of Marketing


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