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How To Avoid Those Halloween Pests (And We Don't Mean Trick Or Treaters!)




Seeing that Halloween is coming up, we thought we’d write a blog about all those frightening Halloween decorations you see on people’s front porches. From pumpkins, to strange-looking gourds, corn stalks, hay bales and scarecrows, people in Colorado really get into their Halloween decorations!  

This is great in theory, as these decorations really get people into the Halloween spirit and set the mood for cool and crisp fall evenings and the onset of the winter months. Unfortunately, these decorations attract a lot of different kinds of pests (not just trick or treaters!), all looking for something to eat and maybe a nice warm shelter in the confines of your home for the winter. These pests include rats, mice and insects of all kinds.


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Operation Bed Bug Rescue! Sprague Partners with KATU News in Portland




This severe bed bug infestation had gone on for years but our Portland service center team stepped in to help with KATU News in Portland, OR. With donations and volunteers from the community, the Hoven family are finally receiving the support they need to start anew.

See the series of stories on KATU News

“Operation Bed Bug Rescue: The complete series” is now available on DVD, iTunes and here:

We're also proud to be working with the volunteers!

  • Lacey's House

  • Safe Haven Remodeling

  • Allstar Recovery

  • Washer & dryer: Hutchins

  • Limo: JMI Limousine

  • Mattresses: Mattress Mega Store

  • Groceries & clothes: Walmart

  • Hotel & meals: Shilo Inn

  • Vet visit: Barbur Blvd Veterinary/Dr. Janet Ewing

  • Furnace: Rose City Heating & Air

  • Van detailing: Carr Chevrolet

  • Lighting: A-Boy

  • Window: MS Glass


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Pest Birds On Your Commercial Building




If you have a commercial building, chances are you’ve seen a flock of birds hanging around, looking for food and being a nuisance. Most often, the culprit is the common pigeon, also known as squab, pouter, roller and fantail. The birds have chunky bodies, short necks and are quite the opportunists, coming together in cities and large towns to roost on buildings and create their own territories. Getting rid of these birds once they've settled in can be quite a task, so here are a few prevention tips to keep them from ever choosing your commercial building as their home.


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Thousands of bed bugs infest couple's home for years




PORTLAND, Ore. – A family living in a mobile home in Southeast Portland says they can't stop the hoards of bed bugs that have swarmed their beds and furniture for almost three years.


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