Sprague's Bed Bug Dog Team

Bed bug sniffing dogs are leading the way for better bed bug control.

With bed bugs continuing to strike all types of property (even libraries), Sprague Pest Solutions realizes that that innovative bed bug solutions are a must. And our Bed Bug Canine Inspection services are just the ticket to make sure that your business does not suffer the negative effects that are often associated with bed bug infestations in commercial environments. In fact, we think our bed bug dogs rock which is why we wanted to share some more information with business owners/managers in Portland, Seattle and throughout our bed bug dog service area.

1. Our bed bug dogs work behind the scenes. A bed bug inspection is no easy task. Even our professionals trained to detect bed bugs must move furniture, lift carpets and still, there is no guarantee of finding bed bugs. But bed bug dogs are not limited to sight and instead use scent to detect these blood sucking pests. This means bed bugs that are behind the walls and in other non-visible locations can still be found by our canine teams.

2. Unmatched accuracy. As mentioned before, even trained professionals can only locate bed bugs in a visible location which makes human inspections far less accurate, only about 40-60% actually. Trained bed bug sniffing dogs can detect bed bugs in all life stages with an accuracy rate of 97% which makes them the clear choice in bed bug detection. So before there is a full blown infestation, the canine team can put a stop to multiplying bed bugs.

3. Bed bug dogs work fast and efficiently. It only takes a bed bug dog 2-3 minutes to inspect a room which can make bed bug inspections in businesses a much quicker process. Areas that are of higher concern like around the beds, on the edges of carpets and in upholstered furniture, may receive extra nose time to ensure that bed bugs if present are detected.

So, are you concerned that your business may be victim to a case of the bed bugs? No worries because with Sprague’s trusted canine bed bug inspections, we can quickly determine if there is an infestation and if so, provide safe, effective and discreet treatments that will ensure you do not lose your hard earned reputation. For more information on the Northwest’s first bed bug inspection dog team, please contact Sprague Pest Solutions today!