House Mouse In Portland, OR

Did you know that mice have very poor vision?

The house mouse is a well known and often talked about pest when it comes to home pest problems. Everyone wants to avoid mice because they can spread disease, illness, and contamination, cause structural damage, and in some cases even contribute to a house or facility fire. So while it is pretty obvious why you don’t want to have mice in the home, there are some interesting facts about these rodents that you may not know. Here to shed some light on the matter is the team of mouse control experts at Sprague Pest Solutions with a few fun, or at least interesting facts on mice.

Mice have very poor vision. If rodents wore glasses, you could count on mice needing them! But instead of relying on sight alone, mice have a very strong sense of smell and touch with their whiskers. They will rub their whiskers on the walls and close by objects so they leave their own scent trail. Wide-open spaces are scary for mice, which is why a clutter free home is best to prevent housing mice.

They get homesick easily. Ok, we can’t say for sure if mice get homesick but we know they don’t like to travel far. Mice will only go about 10 to 30 feet from their harborages. This is why you often find mice located near kitchens where they can find the food and water they need to survive. So make sure your kitchen is not providing a source of food for mice. Even your pet’s food should be kept stored away.

Mice missed the memo on potty training. They do not keep their urine and droppings isolated because they actually use their urine to mark their territory and again help them navigate around. Did you know that a tiny little mouse can leave 80 droppings a day? That will add up quickly in the case of an infestation of multiple mice. This means the threat of contamination and spread of disease will escalate quickly too.

They are not picky eaters. Mice will adapt to the food in their surroundings meaning they will not wait for certain crumbs or spills to happen but rather take what they can get...whatever that is. So as mentioned before, you really need to watch all sources of food in the kitchen and even water sources from say leaky pipes. Eliminate what they seek and you will be less likely to have a mouse infestation.

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