A close up of a fed bed bug

You may know bed bugs are a problem in our area, but do you know these little known bed bug facts?

Bed bugs have been all over the news in the past couple of years.  In fact they seem to be all over the place! In retail stores, hotels, libraries and taxicabs and even inside your home; they’ve landed pretty much everywhere. You probably also know they’re annoying little blood sucking bugs that are REALLY hard to get rid of. But there are still a few surprising facts about bed bugs you may not know and the bed bug control professionals at Sprague wanted to share 5 things you never knew about bed bugs.


  1. Bed bugs can live for up to 15 months without a blood meal. That is a long time for them to be lying in wait for their next meal!

  2. Bed bugs have a ‘smell’ about them. It’s actually their feces that can be smelled, but in a large infestation, a sweet aroma can be noticed that has been described by some to be similar to over-ripened raspberries.

  3. They are very healthy bug. They are the only insect known to have a specialized immune sack that the females use to protect themselves from a particularly violent form of mating. The specialized sack protects the females from infections and keeps her healthy.

  4. The saliva of a bed bug contains an anesthetic which causes their victim not to feel a thing when they are being bitten; but afterwards the area of the bite may itch or turn red.

  5. A female bed bug can lay up to 500 eggs in her lifetime. So, just one or two bed bugs in your home may not seem like a big deal, but the population can escalate quickly, if left unattended.


Bed bugs in Portland, Seattle and throughout our vast service area can be a real problem and although they aren’t known to spread diseases, they can be psychologically damaging, especially when their numbers become large within your home. Our bed bug services include preventative treatment, targeted bed bug inspections by either our technicians or our trained bed bug detecting canines and bed bug heat treatments. We can also provide you with conventional bed bug treatments as well as mattress and box spring protective covers for your home or business. Contact us today for more information on how Sprague Pest Solutions can get rid of bed bugs for you!