Summer Pest Tips For Colorado Homeowners

Too many blooming flowers can attract stinging insects to your property.

When the summer heat rolls in, so do the summer pests including ants in Colorado. We’re also talking about stinging insects and mosquitoes among others, and unfortunately these pests are probably already trying to invade your property or even inside of your Colorado home. If you do find summer pests to be a problem in Denver or Boulder, our Colorado pest control pros at EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions would like to share some of the common signs that your home is attracting summer pests.

  1. An over abundance of blooming flowers. While flowers are beautiful to look at, they do also attract stinging insects whose job it is to pollinate flowers.

  2. Trees and shrubs touching the side of the home. If you have branches of trees or overgrown shrubs that are touching the exterior of your home, this will provide easier access for ants and many other insects to crawl onto and even into your home.

  3. Torn window screens. Any small tears or holes in your window screens can lead to pests entering the home so it is best to replace screens if you find that they are torn or broken.

  4. Doors being left opened. Although you may want to let the breeze into the home or you have children coming and going from the house, keeping doors open is inviting a whole lot of pests to crawl or fly inside.

  5. Spills and crumbs in the kitchen. Ants spend their days foraging for food sources and if they happen to find crumbs or spills in your kitchen, they will leave a scent trail for their workers to follow. This means that you could quickly have a long line of marching ants in the kitchen to steal leftover food debris.

  6. Soda or juice uncovered and outside. We all love to enjoy a glass of iced tea or lemonade out on the deck but keeping opened beverages sitting outside is certainly an invitation for stinging insects to join.

  7. Food left on the grill. Another way that pests find us is when we leave food sitting on the grill. It is best to remove leftovers and scrape the grill to remove food debris as best as you can.

If you are still finding that summer pests are invading your home or property, give our Colorado home pest control pros a call at EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions. Not only can we get rid of ants and the pests that are currently bothering you, we can help to prevent pest infestations year round!