spider in a Utah home

If you have spiders in your home, treat them with care! You never know if you're playing host to a venomous spider.

Spiders …. Little eight legged arthropods that cause quite a fright for most people. These bugs are found on every continent, except for Antarctica and are featured as an integral part of Halloween, because they are pretty creepy… They are known for catching their prey in silk webs that they spin themselves, and then draining the prey’s blood for the spider’s next meal. A creepy insect, to say the least! There are also several varieties of spider in the area that have a venomous bite that is very dangerous for people. Most often these spiders will stay outdoors, but if they find their way inside, they may pose a danger to you and your family. Here are a couple venomous spiders you should keep an eye out for this Halloween (and the rest of the year as well!):

The yellow sac spider: This spider is approximately the size of a nickel with a bright yellow or bright green body. It can be found in Utah homes, usually in dark corners of walls and ceilings. The bite of the yellow sac spider is necrotic, it can either be very painful or painless and there may be a burning sensation within an hour of the bite. It can cause systemic reactions such as a fever, a feeling of nausea, stomach cramps and skin necrosis may occur. The bite of the yellow sac spider is not considered to be as dangerous as the hobo spider, but if you believe you may have been bitten by a yellow sac spider, you should still seek immediate medical assistance just to be safe.

The hobo spider: This spider is found in parts of Oregon, as well as Washington, Idaho and Utah. It is approximately ½ an inch in length and has a brown body with dark brown legs. The abdomen has a distinctive pattern of yellow markings on a gray background. Their bite can causing a numbing sensation shortly after the venom is injected and dizziness may occur. The area of the bite can become red and enlarged and hard and swollen. This bite should be serious cause for concern and medical assistance should be sought immediately.

If you have spiders in your home this fall, definitely treat them with care! You never know if you’re playing host  to a venomous spider. If you have a lot of spiders in your home, contact the professionals at Sprague Pest Solutions for your first inspection. Our spider control services will be sure to protect your home from current and future spider infestations. Contact us today!