illustration depicting the difference between norway and roof rats

Follow these tips to keep norway rats and roof rats out of your home and business!

The spotting of a rat is almost always synonymous with a lack of sanitation. Even though this is not always the case, having rats in your business facility could have a severe negative impact on your image and reputation. Couple this with the damage that a rat infestation could possibly cause, and your business could truly suffer. Rats can gnaw and chew on all types of materials causing property damage, contaminate food with their droppings, and also can carry several different types of dangerous communicable diseases.

Here are a few simple steps that the pest control pros at Sprague Pest Solutions recommend to help prevent a rat infestation in your business facility:

  • Keep all doors closed as much as possible

  • Make sure cracks and holes in the walls or foundation of your building are sealed

  • Make sure anything that could be a food source for rats (garbage, crumbs, bird seed, pet food) are stored properly, and anything spilled is quickly cleaned up

  • Keep an eye out for any droppings, chew marks, or sounds in your walls. The earlier you notice the problem, the sooner and more effectively it can be addressed.

One thing that most people do not realize, is that there are different species of rats that could be lurking in or around your facility. Two of the common species in Seattle, Salt Lake City and Portland are Norway Rats and Roof Rats. Although they are very similar, there are a few distinguishing characteristics between the two.

Norway Rats

Brown to dark grey fur
Roughly 10 inches long, with the tail another 10 inches
Good swimmer, often seen in water
Poor climber, usually seen at ground level
Lives primarily in basements and lower areas of buildings, along with outdoor burrows

Roof Rats

Black or brownish fur
Slightly smaller approximately 8 inches long, with a slightly longer tail
Poor swimmer, usually not found near water
Good climber
Lives often times in higher levels in buildings, and occasionally in trees

Serving businesses throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain region, including Seattle, Salt Lake City, and Portland, Sprague Pest Solutions has the resources, experience, and the most advanced pest control technology available to not only evict rats from your facility, but make sure they stay out! Taking action as early as possible is critical in preventing a serious infestation, so don't hesitate. If you think you may have rats in your business contact Sprague today.