illustration of an elm seed bug

Thousands of elm seed bugs are overwhelming homeowners in Idaho

ABC News recently did a story covering an alarming and unanticipated pest threat to many homes in Idaho. The presence of the elm seed bug has been overwhelming homeowners across the state and what started out as a minor sighting of these bugs has turned into a more serious problem resulting in many phone calls to the Idaho State Department of Agriculture. Homes have literally had thousands of these bugs pouring inside and causing quite a fright. And although these bugs do not pose any public health threats, they have become a major nuisance.

Click here to read the full news story: Elm Seed Bug Overwhelms Idaho.

This is a great reminder of just how quickly and unexpectedly homes and businesses alike can be inundated with pests. And while we may be quite familiar with the usual pest invaders such as rodents, cockroaches, and bed bugs, there is always the possibility of new insects and species being introduced.

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