Ants in Denver Home

When ants wake up in the spring, your kitchen may become their new hang out.

All jokes aside, ants are a common problem for homeowners in Colorado but also a major nuisance come springtime. As the weather heats up in Colorado and colonies become more active, ants are likely to be found foraging for food in your kitchen. And don’t be fooled, the ants you see are just the tip of the iceberg which means ant control in Denver and throughout Colorado is not as easy as it may seem. So here to help, the CO pest control team at EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions would like to offer some information on the types of house infesting ants in Denver and Boulder including how to get rid of them!

Most ants are simply nuisance pests meaning they will not cause harm but are more of a headache. The exception being the carpenter ant; this insect can cause damage to wood structures in the home, which makes them a more serious threat. Regardless of the species of ants that you are finding, when they are in your home, they are considered a pest and need to be taken care of quickly. Who wants ants getting into the kitchen and contaminating leftover goodies on the counters anyways?

The one thing that ants are inevitably going to search your home for are sources of food. Spilt sugar (you know it happens when making a cup of coffee first thing in the morning) and grease buildup on, under and behind the stove are just a couple of treats ants are on the lookout for. And it’s not just for themselves that they forage but their job is to feed the thousands of other family members living in the colony. So when you are finding ants marching in a line through your kitchen, it is likely they have found a food source and are taking full advantage. But before you reach for a spray to kill them, keep in mind that this could actually make your problem worse.

Ants follow a scent trail that leads to the food source. If you spray and kill the ants as well as the scent trail, you are only going to force the other ants to take a new route. This means it will be harder to find the source of the colony with ants taking less direct paths. Another thing to remember is that killing the ants you see is not going to be effective because it doesn’t get to the source of the problem, which is the ant colony.

The best way to control and get rid of ants in Denver and Boulder, CO is to call us at EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions. Our team of CO pest control professionals will inspect your home, locate the ant colony and then get rid of the ants. So when you find that line of ants marching through your kitchen this spring, before attempting to spray them to death, simply contact us for ant control in the Denver metro area.