Ashley Mannello
Sprague Pest Solutions
Ants in Relation to Restaurants

No one wants ants overrunning their restaurant or driving away customers. How do you prevent them from entering and damaging your business? The first step in eliminating ants is identifying them by name. All ants are attracted to food, moisture and warmth, but each type of ant has specific characteristics. These qualities help uncover nests, hiding places and sources of access. For example, carpenter ants commonly nest in walls and pavement ants under floors on ground level areas. This is in contrast to odorous house ants which are frequently found near moisture sources like water heaters, boilers or even dishwashers.

The second step is to determine how the ants accessed the restaurant. This means searching for cracks in the foundation as well as dirt, trees or foliage that are in contact with the building. These all act as excellent conduits. Any rotted wood inside the structure can also be a great attraction for nesting. In the dry summer weather, ants will try and create new homes in places with earth to wood contact due to all the moisture.

The third step is to choose solutions based upon the circumstance. There are several types of treatments, including: liquid sprays, dusts and baits. Sprague is very conscious about using treatments appropriately based upon the area and restaurant operations. We want to protect our client’s brand from pests without interrupting the daily flow of clientele. Bait and traps are set out of customers’ and employees’ line of site and separate treatments are set aside for areas in which food is present. Perimeter spraying is a popular treatment that helps to create a protective barrier, preventing activity. This gives the outside dining areas and perimeters consistent and discrete attention and protection. We recognize not every restaurant can afford to wait, due to the site or customers, and plan accordingly. While it takes some time to entirely eliminate an ant colony, we can take steps to help prevent ants from being visible to your customers.

No treatment, however, is complete without the aid of sanitation. Sanitation is more than just general cleaning. It is ensuring other employee practices, such as taking out the garbage, are accomplished thoroughly and frequently enough to avoid problems. Assistance from the employees in conjunction with treatments is sure to eliminate the ants and leave the restaurant in quality condition.

For quality pest control for your restaurant in Seattle, Sprague Pest Solutions is ready to help!  Contact us today for more information on our pest control services for your commercial facility.