ant swarmer in colorado

Do not be alarmed if you see ant swarms in Colorado, contact the CO pest control pros of EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions!

Most Colorado homeowners have noticed an ant or several crawling around outside on the pavement or have happened upon ants in the kitchen.  What is less common, but does occur in Boulder, Denver and throughout Colorado during the springtime (as well as other seasons) are ant swarms. Quite alarming to those who’ve never witnessed one, an ant swarm is basically when countless ants flee from a colony all at once. Why the seemingly mass exodus? To find out, keep reading.   

Often confused with termite swarms, ant swarms do serve the same purpose for the species. The winged ants that live in the colony are not the same as the thousands of worker ants that we commonly encounter. Winged ants are the reproductive ants and their purpose is to leave the colony, find a mate and establish a new colony in order to keep the species surviving.

Different species of ants will swarm at different times of the year. Some swarm in the spring whereas others typically swarm in the fall. The conditions have to be just right but when the stars align, watch out because there could be hundreds or even thousands of ants swarming a little too close for comfort. Swarming ants are harmless to humans but they are a sign that there is an ant colony nearby. You may find yourself with year round ant problems inside your home and eventually a colony could form inside if you do not have the ant problem eradicated by the professionals.

In the event of an ant swarm inside your home the best thing to do is remain calm and just clean up the debris of wings and those who didn’t survive the swarm. The next thing is to contact EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions to have a pest control professional locate the source of the ant colony on your Denver or Boulder, Colorado property.