pigeon at a seattle business

Pest birds can cause major issues for home and business owners in Portland, Seattle, and Salt Lake City

Many talk about how birds are causing major problems to their businesses but if you have not yet seen their effects it may be hard to understand just how damaging they can be. Facilities in Seattle, Salt Lake City, Portland and surrounding urban areas in the Pacific Northwest have been dealing with bird infestations for a long time. And if your business does not currently have a bird infestation, it does not mean they won’t find their way to your facility. So to help owners and managers understand how birds really are risky to business, here are some of the threats of pest birds.

Structural and Equipment Damages

As birds begin to congregate near or on a facility, structural damage is the likely result. Nesting sites are often found right on the building and especially when they are near electrical equipment, there is a major fire hazard. Not just the nests are to blame though, the droppings can get into pipes, gutters, equipment and cause significant problems including malfunctioning equipment. Also, the acidic urine of birds will break down paint, wood, and even metal.

Health Risks

Bird droppings and urine can also lead to illness for employees and customers who visit the facility when airborne toxins are released.  Their waste may also get into water and food supplies causing even worse problems such as the spread of salmonella, E. coli, and other respiratory diseases. And let’s not forget the slip factor. Bird waste can also create a slick surface the leads to slips and falls.

Bad Reputation

Whether it is unsightly droppings on the sidewalk and roof or pest birds hanging out in, on or around the facility, pest birds have the ability to seriously damage your hard earned image and company reputation. Potential customers are likely to avoid facilities that are crowded with birds because most people understand that birds when living on buildings in urban areas, are not a beautiful display of nature but rather a flock of loud, messy, pests.

So, whether your business currently has a bird problem or if you are still in the clear, now is a good time to implement a program in order to protect your business and reputation from the destruction of pest birds. If your business is located in Seattle, Salt Lake City, or Portland, then please contact Sprague Pest Solutions to learn about our commercial bird control program designed specifically for your business to remain bird free.