pigeons in portland oregon

Don't let pigeons take over the signs and structures of your business.

Have you noticed an influx of pigeons or other pest birds on or near your property? Perhaps their droppings or nests are evidence that you have some unwanted visitors hanging out close by. Not only can birds be an annoying pest, but they also create many health risks. The experts in bird control in Seattle, Portland, and throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions would like to share a few reasons why pigeons, sparrows and other pest birds are not good to have flocking around your property.  We also want to share some tips on what can be done to prevent them from taking over.

Why birds are a threat

  • Not only are bird droppings unsightly on window ledges and sidewalks, they may cause people to slip and fall.

  • Many construction materials prematurely degrade under the uric acid and other byproducts of bird waste.

  • The feces of birds contain spores and when released into the air they can cause major health problems and spread disease in humans.

  • Pest birds can lead to even more pest problems - fleas and ticks.

How to prevent birds

  • Limit the availability for food, water, and shelter for birds to nest. If there's nothing attracting them to the site, they will not likely stick around.

  • Keep doors to your business closed, especially near nesting sites, as this is an open invitation to birds.

  • Do not allow birds to form their nests on your structures. They will pass the home along to other generations and create a lifetime of problems.

For more information on how to control and remove birds in Portland, Seattle, Salt Lake City, or elsewhere in Sprague’s service areas, contact the bird control professionals at Sprague Pest Solutions today. We offer commercial bird services and, in some markets, residential bird control programs that will give you relief from worrying over the risks associated with pest birds at your home or place of business. Whether the birds are already an issue or you want to be proactive, Sprague can help!

This blog was originally published on March 29, 2012 but has been recently updated to ensure you have the most recent information on bird control in the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions.