Carpet Beetle In Portland, OR

Carpet beetles can cause an allergic reaction that appears to be bed bug bites.

With all the attention that bed bugs get, pests that display similar behaviors or signs are often overlooked or misidentified. In some cases, when people think that they are experiencing bed bug bites, it is in fact an allergic reaction from carpet beetles. So before any assumptions are made, it is a good idea to take a closer look at what pest is really infesting your home or business. The Portland pest control pros at Sprague Pest Solutions realize there’s a bit of confusion when it comes to these two pests and are here to take a closer look at the differences and similarities between bed bugs and carpet beetles.

Bed Bugs

  • flattened, oval shaped body

  • red to brown in color

  • microscopic hairs on body

  • females lay up to 5 eggs each day

  • can find humans by our breath

  • feed on human blood for nutrients

  • leaves itchy bites on the skin

  • control is hard and requires professional bed bug treatments

Carpet Beetles

  • oval shaped body

  • white to yellow-brown in color

  • three pairs of hair tufts on the abdomen

  • females lay up to 40 eggs in a lifetime

  • can find humans by our breath

  • do not feed on human blood

  • can cause an allergic reaction similar to the look and feel of bed bug bites

  • control is generally easier and can be accomplished through increased sanitation efforts

So if you are receiving complaints of guests waking to bites, before you point a finger to bed bugs, make sure to have a pest control professional take a detailed look at the situation. At Sprague Pest Solutions we’ll provide a thorough inspection to determine whether or not bed bugs are the culprit responsible for your “bites”. Our team of trained bed bug detection K9s can sniff out bed bugs in just minutes!

Depending on the pest at hand, the technicians will recommend the best course of action to get rid of bed bugs or their commonly confused friends, carpet beetles. For more information on commercial pest control in Seattle, Portland, and Salt Lake City or throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain region, please contact Sprague Pest Solutions!